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I LOVE your yarn. It is the best quality and I use it for nearly all of my knitting. The only complaint I have is that I have found the color bleeds, sometimes significantly, when I wash them. Is there I way for me to treat this? I find that I have to wash my yarn before I knit, especially when I am working stranded projects. I know I could just steam-block my pieces but is there a way then that I could clean and freshen my knits without washing them?
What yarn is it that's bleeding? Cotton or wool, and what color? And does it continue to bleed with later washings, or does it stop after one or two?

If it's cotton, I can think of a couple of things to try:

1. Sometimes bleeding problems are simply caused by loose dye--it's dye that has already done its thing chemically and won't actually dye anything else, but still remains as loose particles that weren't completely rinsed away and can settle on other places or other garments. There is a product called Dye Magnet available in the laundry aisle of the grocery store; looks like a piece of terrycloth. You wash it with the item in question, and it does a pretty good job of "hoovering" up the loose dye. You can use the same cloth quite a few times.

2. You could try washing it in Woolite, which is chemically identical to Synthrapol, which is the detergent that dyers use for a final post-dye washing. It does a good job of removing the loose dye and keeping it from settling back into the garment. (It's a very badly named product, however; you shouldn't use it on wool.)

3. There is a product called Retayne, which is a rinse that quilters use to keep quilting cottons from bleeding and fading. I've never tried it on yarn, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. You can get it at quilt shops. I'd try it on a swatch first.

If it's wool, I have no idea what to suggest.
I just finished a pair of wool mittens that were black and white, with a red and white cuff. I rinsed them using Retayne and it totally kept the colours fast.
Among her birthday treats this year were some hats my daughter had requested. She gave me general style requirements and one of the patterns that seemed to fit was the Lucy Hat which I downloaded from Knitpicks. I used Rust Twirl and knitted the hat very quickly. It turned out to be the favorite among her new hat wardrobe and is now her designated 'Pilates' hat because it is so soft and comfortable. Thanks Knitpicks! I just got two more colors of Twirl to expand her selection--- Plum and Summer Sky. I'm sure they will be just as gorgeous.
Are you planning to have a color card for the Comfy yarn line. I don't see it listed?
Most Certainly! Color Card production is delayed as the yarn needs to be produced and then the color cards can be made. Please watch in the next few weeks for the new cards.
I know the Spinnaker line has been discontinued but I have two skeins of it and it would be scrumptious in something for a baby. The skein says to hand wash it but I wondered if anyone had tried carefully machine washing. If so, was it successful?
My go-to yarns for baby things are Swish and Crayon and I absolutely adore them both. I use and love the Swish for everything but the Crayon makes divine light, frothy carriage blankets.
Thanks for any advice on the Spinnaker. l
Knit Picks did test machine washing Spinnaker - I checked with Tina, and she said that she remembers it holding up pretty well. You could try using cold water, the gentle/delicate cycle on your washing machine, and then drying it flat. If you can spare some from your two remaining hanks, we'd recommend washing a test swatch just to be sure.
Thanks! I'd hoped it was worth trying. It'll have to be a small swatch but I'll try it.
Well I finally got my new comfy yarn. I very much like the feeling and the way it knits up. But am concerned that I have seen black specks through out (I am about half way done with my first ball). They can be picked off and I have noticed them on my hands. Has anyone else had this problem, and what in the world do you think it is. I am going to wash some to see if it comes out. I really don't want to have to take all the time to send it back and wait for delivery. I had a delivery problem with my first order and really want to start my project.
Hi Poohknits,

This is the first we've heard of this. Could you possibly send a photo of the black flecks? And the color and dye lot number of the yarn you're using? That will help us figure out what the problem might be and track it down.

Yes I will do that in the next day or so. The color is Honey Dew and the lot is 8745


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