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I always thought I was allergic to wool... I'm apparently just "allergic" to nasty, itchy, scratchy, "steel wool" wool. It is true that I cannot stand a lot of wool and I can tell by immediate touch when I touch lots of wool. But, my first KP purchase was for two skeins of Merino Style because the catalog had explained that Merino wool is different... and it is. I've worn the scarf I made with it for three winters now and the only thing I notice about it is how soft and snuggly it is. I wanted to be able to knit with natural fibers so badly, and MS was so reasonably priced, I decided to risk it and I'm so glad I have.

It is TOO funny that everyone grabs the KP "good stuff" over the "cheap stuff" every time! I love it! :-)
I need more Essential Tweed in Flint to finish a project.. and the color is no longer available.. any chance of finding some tucked away in a warehouse somewhere??
Ravelry has a large, established swap/trade/sell board for all types of yarn - you might want to try there to see if you find discontinued yarn. Members will also sell or trade partial balls that are left over from their projects.
I have 3 skeins of it if you are interested.
Please tell me about the yarn (lace, fingering, sport) and needle size used for the Hemi--would it be suitable for a first lace project? Thanks much
I think the hemi as is would be a great first lace project. I am currently working on mine and it does knit up fast. I am using Wool of the Andes for mine. Personally I think this is great because it does go fast. There are also directions for just the doily which is a much smaller verstion. It would be nice in the finer lace yarns. I am also working on a shawl that is out of the lace book by Meg Swanson. It is done on the smaller needles with the lace yarn in the feather and fan pattern. It takes a little more concentration. I probably have close to 1000 stitches right now. Hope this helps you out just a bit. Have fun with the lace. It is beautiful! Renee
I'm planning to start a blanket this summer, and for the project I need worsted weight yarn in a lot of colors. I would like it to be very soft, but also sturdy and machine washable (I want to eventually take it to college with me). I'm having a hard time deciding between all of the yarn, all of them look so good! I think I've narrowed it down between comfy swish and shine. I really like the colors in shine, but comfy sounds great and so does swish! Any suggestions?
I have never used Swish, but it is a superwash wool, so if you choose it, you won't have any problems.

I have used both Comfy and Shine and think they are both wonderful cotton yarns. Of the two, Comfy is definitely my favorite.
This is a comment about the New Ball Winder. Sorry for posting it here. They really need a discussion board for accessories.
When I first saw the winder, I thought the handle feature was interesting, but not something I would ever use, being being used to clamping them to the counter near my swift. I decided to give it a try anyway, just to see what it was like. One try was all it took. I don't think I will ever clamp again!
The very first hank of yarn I tried had a tangle in it, and all I had to do was push the yarn guide on the winder back into closed position, and loop the winder through the tangle a couple of times. It was not easy, but certainly not the mess I was used to dealing with in the old days of a clamped ball winder, when my first inclination would have been to just cut the yarn and start over.

I did email a suggestion to Knitpicks about making the notches on the bobbin a bit deeper. I find I have trouble keeping the beginning end of the yarn to stay put sometimes.

I have been using a bit of tape to secure the end to the bobbin, if it is a yarn that won't stay.

BTW, My name is NOT Jemima, and I don't live in Beeville. That is my Animal Crossing character and town. I have them on another board on this server, and apparently, I can't have two names on one email account.

Thank you for your suggestion for a deeper slot for the ball winder. We are glad to know that you like the handle option for the ball winder. It does come in handy sometimes.

Customer Service
Knit Picks yarns have become quite an obsession of mine.... I have accumulated quite the collection. : ) I'm excited about the new lines coming soon!!! I've been very happy with all the yarns I've used from KP. The only problem I have had is with WOTA Kettle-Dyed. I was using a ball of Spruce and got half-way through with a hat to find some big wads of fuzz like the yarn had been snagged or something. But there were only a few, and I was able to sort of trim them and pull them into the inside of the hat and it isn't noticable.
I just don't have the words to express how much I adore KP!!!
I use the Knifty Knitter to knit stocking caps for winter wear. The yarn I am using produces a stocking cap that does not stretch. These do not accomodate different head sizes. Can you suggest a yarn I could use that will stretch?

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