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January 7th, 2008 at 7:50 am

Christie, several years ago, I knitted & crocheted a king size to the floor spread for my son & his wife, boxed it up ready to give….and THEN my other son thought it was trash & took it to the dump.
I’m starting again …this time with the Suri because I can’t go through another year of doing the same thing over & over & it’ll be quicker as well as warm & lovely…good luck on your quilt.

- sally voss
OMG! Do you still HAVE two sons??? LOL! I'd have to kill someone ..... or something!!!
How heart breaking! I think I would head to the dump to search!

I was going to ask the same thing as Elianastar!! I have to say I would have strangled him!

I was just wondering what happened to Panache? I really wanted to try it, and now it's vanished!

I know, it really was beautiful! There wasn't as much demand for that yarn as there was for other bulky yarns like Cadena, so we decided to discontinue it. But, if there are fibers or fiber blends that you are interested in seeing, please post that to the forums here, and we'll discuss them in our yarn meetings. We'd love to hear your suggestions!

Would it be possible to find out the colors of the sock yarns shown on the home page? I love the Felici colors shown but I can't seem to figure out the corresponding colors from the Felici page.

Sure! From left to right, that's Schooner, Patina, Coney Island, Martinique, Provence, Mixed Berries, Dakota, and Gelato. Those are my feet in the Dakota and Gelato! :)
Thank you!

How cool that your feet have a modeling career :-)

I just saw the note about Felici colorways being limited edition -- ack! Now I better make up my shopping list :-)
I want to make the baby kimono, but I don't want to use the "dishcloth yarn" the pattern recommends. I remember Kelley making kimonos in a variety of colors - beautiful! What yarn did she use and how much?
I remembered reading this, as I wondered too. I looked back through her blogs and finally found it---she used Shine worsted...hope this helps!
It does. Thanks!


Introducing Galileo!

Dazzling, brilliant colors inspired by the night sky and a sheen that shimmers like the stars.


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Choose bright and bold or subtle, gentle waves of color: Chroma is a gorgeously soft wool single-ply with just a dash of nylon.


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