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I would love to see photos when you're done! --Peggy
I just got my hank of Shimmer Ivy in the mail. Now I wish I'd ordered more, because it's SO beautiful, and now I guess it's gone. It's even more beautiful than I expected: that rich, rich green and the shine of the silk make it look incredibly opulent, but at the same time subtle enough not to distract from a complex pattern. Do I even have a lace pattern that's worthy??
OH GOODIE! I ordered some too and my order was shipped Monday! Glad I didn't wait to order it! I knew I'd love the basic color, but I don't have any Shimmer yarn yet, so I'm anxious to see the brilliance of it! I think I ordered four hanks, so have no idea what I'll make of it, but will have plenty to make a shawl or something.

If it is that gorgeous, perhaps KP will add it to the line, on purpose! LOL!
Can someone please tell me which yarn is in the lower left of the basket on the "Knit Calm" wallpaper? It's absolutely beautiful, and I would love to turn it into gloves for my fiance. Thanks!
I believe that is Wool of the Andes Pampas Heather, which is also available in Swish DK.
I just got my latest order and I need to gush about my new yarn. I got a skein of Alpaca Cloud in Tidepool and a couple of skeins of Cadena in Admiral. I had a color card for the Cadena, but I hadn't realized it was so squeezable and springy. I loooove it and I am now planning to make the big Cadena Car Coat pattern (can't recall the right name of the pattern), cuz I want that much of it around me. The Alpaca Cloud is addictively strokable and I love the color. Thank you, KP!
Vivian: I know what you mean about Alpaca Cloud's being "addictively stokable!" Sometimes it gets in the way of the knitting. I'm using AC in smoke for my Stonington Shawl, and I find myself petting it or rubbing my face in it instead of knitting! --Peggy
I made the Fingerless Gloves (gauntlets) from the KP free pattern in Alpaca Cloud for my daughter for Christmas 2007. Had to use two strands together for gauge... but what a dream. I was concerned I'd have to wash them as soon as they were finished because I kept stroking the balls against my cheek! LOL!

I agree... sometimes such decadent texture gets in the way of your knitting! :-)
Star: Talk about decadent! Check this out!
This is the yarn for my Speed Knitting project. It's WotA in cranberry. --Peggy
Bob's your uncle! Do we need to start a chapter of SAA??? LOLOL!!!

[Stash Addicts Anonymous]
I wish Bob were my uncle. Then I probably could weedle yarn and other KP goodies out of him! But I am certain that Bob is too young to be my uncle! (Or I'm too old to be his niece!)
I don't need SAA. I can stop anytime I want to. I just don't want to! --Peggy
That's what they ALL say!!! LOLOL! yep... we may need to start a chapter of SAA!
:-D Clearly a statement of unmitigated "denial"!!!


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