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That's a gorgeous pattern, Amanda!!  I don't know about the 'over time' question.  But I did notice the pattern suggests 'light fingering'.  I'm glad your list didn't include Gloss fingering.  It seems like a heavier fingering to me.  Just swatch, swatch, swatch so you don't have a surprise size-wise!  :)  Hopefully someone else can answer your other questions about the alpaca blocking too.   I think it's supposed to drape pretty well, but don't have a lot of experience with it, either. 

Hi Amanda,


What a cute pattern! I think either of your choices will work well for this pattern. The alpaca will make Imagination  much drapier than Stroll would be, alpaca does that. Either would block out well, but mainly Imagination would make it have more drape and Stroll would have a bit more spring and bounce to it. Also, Imagination will probably pill more than stroll since the alpaca fiber is fuzzier than Stroll which is much smoother. A general rule of thumb, the softer something is, chances are the more it will pill. I think it is a bit of a give and take when comparing these two yarns - Imagnation will have more drape but the Stroll will pill less. Depends on which quality is more important to you.


Hope this helps a bit, be sure to show pics when you are done, it is super cute :)

Excellent explanation, Jenny.
I'm looking for a little help.  I've picked a shawl pattern that calls for DKweight yarn and I want to do it in lace.  My problem is how much difference is there in the yardage.  I made a small swatch using size 4 needles and lace weight and it looks good to me.

Are you wondering how much yardage you'll need when you make it with laceweight yarn instead of DK?  There is no real way to know exactly.  You could order the amount (or a little more) of yardage that a comparable sized shawl would take (similar laciness and needle size).  The problem I can foresee for you is that the shawl will turn out much smaller made of laceweight than DK.  Is it a pattern that has an easily customizable size?  What I mean is- can you add repeats to make it larger?  Just some thoughts. 

(Love your id, by the way.  :D)

Picklepat, I agree with Peggy, a/k/a PickleSue. If you know the gauge the pattern calls for and the final dimensions, and then the gauge you are getting, you can determine the finished size. Example. If pattern gauge is 5 sts/inch [20 sts/4"] and you have 200 sts, it will be 40". If your gauge is 4 sts, your finished product will be 50". If your gauge is 6 sts, your finished product will be 33⅓". Without knowing what pattern you are talking about and the gauge information, it is hard to give advice. So the only way for it to be a similar dimension as the pattern you will have to be able  to add  or subtract depending on the pattern repeats.
All of these replies contain good advice... but I'm thinking that you are concerned about the yardage requirements - just guessing... I would say that the yardage would be no less than the DK weight yarn...of course... the pattern details... gauge, yarn requirements, etc. need to be taken into account.
I totally agree, Susan. Her yardage shouldn't be any more if her gauge is the same. If she is knitting the same pattern in lace weight instead of DK, her gauge could be substantially different. So then the size of the FO could be completely different making it either much smaller or larger than she wants.
I want to thank all who had suggestions.  I found a similer shawl the same size and guage so I think I will go with that yardage. It is what I would call a stole as it is rectangler so I can easily add repeats.  I'm swatching now and think it will be OK.
Oh, good. I'm glad you will be able to add repeats easily.
I'm wanting to make some socks with Chroma Fingering.  How many times does the color sequence repeat in a skein?  100 grams is normally enough for two socks, but I would like for them to sort of resemble each other, so I wouldn't want to use yarn where the colors don't repeat at all, or that repeat in the wrong place.
Excellent question. You might check with customer service on this.


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