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Amanda, Jenny has said what I would have said. First, welcome. I see you are already a member of some of the KALs. Find the one that best represents what you have a question on. There will almost always be someone around to answer. I have my email preferences to receive email notices anytime a comment is posted in all of the KALs. [Yes, I am a member of all of the knit alongs.] One thing I would add to what Jenny has said is that sometimes after a kit is sold out, KP will add it as a downloadable pattern.

I have added you to my friend list. That means, if you want to contact me outside of the public area, you can send me a message.

cherylbwaters - Thanks again for your time & I too plan on teaching my girls the gift of Knitting =) I know too well how after losing a loved one you realize you should have listened to the little stories they tried to tell you <3


amanda - I just joined Ravelry a week or so ago & I too am still figuring things out... I do know you can search knitpicks yarn by name & they will list the projects that people have done with which ever yarn you click on. Good luck! =) Also, KP customer service answers a lot of questions if you call them too!

I've been a Ravelry member since 2008 and I still don't know very much about it! That's because most of my time is spent here.

I hope i am doing this right, i don't quite understand the format of this forum. (i am starting up a new questrion, but in a current discussion i think??? Is that ok?)


Anyway, i am getting ready to start a baby project, a top and pants for a newborn.  I really love wool, so was considering swish (for washability)  But even with all its softeness, it is still not as soft as something like comfy - my other choice!!


Which would you all suggest? swish or comfy? color is not an issue, i can choose from either. I actually prefer the firm hand of wool (and swish is actually kind of drapey for my taste!) but i don't want to go all the way to wota for this project.  I am leaning towards comfy, as there is no doubt it is soft enough.  Anyone make baby clothes with swish and LOVE the feel enough to choose it over a cotton?


I have used both for baby clothes.  I have aksi used Shine and Stroll Sport.  All have worked very well. 

ThankS SUsan!! SHine is super slippery for me, i did make a hat and booties already with comfy, i think i am going to go with that. (My janey voted for comfy as well ;o)
I loved using the Comfy for my baby knitting - it is very good yarn.

Susan, the orig. pattern called for red heart (an acrylic). I checked on ravelry, and a couple people did use a kp yarn (simply cotton sport, for one) Do you think comfy would be a good substitute? (concerning drape)


link -



It absolutely would be a good substitute.  Comfy and Simply Cotton are a tad bit different, but I think if you are looking for drape, Comfy is the way to go.  I have used Simply Cotton on several pieces, too and love it as well.  If you want the softness of cotton both are good choices.
well, i got trhe comfy just now! i actualy don't like the drape so much on the cotton yarns - i like a firm fabric like wota or cascade!! BUt i think it will be ok. thanks again susan~!
kp has a GREAT yarn... I used to use red heart yarn & am sold on the better quality yarn that kp has to offer! I haven't bought red heart in years now lol
I second that... no more acrylic for this knitter!


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