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I have made the sweater before and the important part is that you get a yarn that matches the gauge rather than ply. I would suggest taking a look at Wool of the Andes Bulky, Swish Bulky or Cadena which is a bulky wool/alpaca blend. Swish is machine washable is that is something that you are looking for and the other two options are hand wash only.


Enjoy the sweater, it is a fairly fast knit as you are using bulky yarn!

Thank you too very much!!! I wasn't expecting responses so fast & am excited that I have =) I was looking at the Andes Bulky & Cadena but didn't want to invest money in buy a bunch of yarn only for it to not work. Is there a formula somewhere that teaches you how to gauge patterns for different weights of yarn? If not that is fine I am excited to order some YARN!!! Thanks again! It's so nice to ask a question and get a response... so glad I JUST found out about this community! lol
Click here. This will take to On the left side of the page you will see "Standard Yarn Weight Systems". That should give you some help in starting with yarn substitutions. But remember, when knitting something that needs to end up a specific size, doing a gauge swatch is very important. You should check gauge and then treat your swatch as you would your garment: wash and block it.
OOO!! Thank you so much!! There is tons of info on that page!!! Thanks for your time in helping me learn more about my new found love of knitting =)
E., I only wish there had been so much at my finger tips when I had picked up the needles again. My mom had taught me as a kid, but I didn't really become interested in knitting until after my mom passed away. I didn't want her beautiful Christmas stocking tradition to die with her. I have learned more in the last couple of years by being here than in the previous 12 years. Although I did use the internet to help learn new techniques, it has been the encouragement of all the wonderful knitters here that has really helped me blossom as a knitter, dyer and spinner.

Hi Amanda!


Welcome to the Knitting Community here at Knit Picks :) Under the discussions tab at the top, you will see the break down of different categories like you mentioned...yarn, needles, podcast, video, etc. If you click on the Knitalongs tab, you can join a number of groups and post more in depth questions there. For example, if you were working on a fair isle project you could join the colorwork KAL and ask any questions regarding your project there.


Everyone is super friendly and always more than happy to help on here, so even if your question isn't in the exact "right" place someone is likely to help out.


As for your questions, on the Felici Sport I would hesitate cutting it and simply use a crochet hook to move the loop to the backside of your work and go from there. As for the afghan/throw questions, right now we are just going to be offering those in kits, which are limited editions. This means when they sell out, they will be gone. However, KP does sometimes bring back old kits with new colors but it is usually at least 9-12 months later.


Hope this helps, and welcome again!



Amanda, Jenny has said what I would have said. First, welcome. I see you are already a member of some of the KALs. Find the one that best represents what you have a question on. There will almost always be someone around to answer. I have my email preferences to receive email notices anytime a comment is posted in all of the KALs. [Yes, I am a member of all of the knit alongs.] One thing I would add to what Jenny has said is that sometimes after a kit is sold out, KP will add it as a downloadable pattern.

I have added you to my friend list. That means, if you want to contact me outside of the public area, you can send me a message.

cherylbwaters - Thanks again for your time & I too plan on teaching my girls the gift of Knitting =) I know too well how after losing a loved one you realize you should have listened to the little stories they tried to tell you <3


amanda - I just joined Ravelry a week or so ago & I too am still figuring things out... I do know you can search knitpicks yarn by name & they will list the projects that people have done with which ever yarn you click on. Good luck! =) Also, KP customer service answers a lot of questions if you call them too!

I've been a Ravelry member since 2008 and I still don't know very much about it! That's because most of my time is spent here.

I hope i am doing this right, i don't quite understand the format of this forum. (i am starting up a new questrion, but in a current discussion i think??? Is that ok?)


Anyway, i am getting ready to start a baby project, a top and pants for a newborn.  I really love wool, so was considering swish (for washability)  But even with all its softeness, it is still not as soft as something like comfy - my other choice!!


Which would you all suggest? swish or comfy? color is not an issue, i can choose from either. I actually prefer the firm hand of wool (and swish is actually kind of drapey for my taste!) but i don't want to go all the way to wota for this project.  I am leaning towards comfy, as there is no doubt it is soft enough.  Anyone make baby clothes with swish and LOVE the feel enough to choose it over a cotton?


I have used both for baby clothes.  I have aksi used Shine and Stroll Sport.  All have worked very well. 

ThankS SUsan!! SHine is super slippery for me, i did make a hat and booties already with comfy, i think i am going to go with that. (My janey voted for comfy as well ;o)


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