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I really appreciate how you and Susan stepped in here. Since I haven't used Telemark, I couldn't recommend one way or the other.
We all try to help when we can. Making guesses about how something would work is the next best thing to actual experience with it. Thanks for the heads-up about this question!

I like the fingering weight gloss colors (most of them).  But the lace weight gloss colors are not appealing to me at all.  I would like to try some gloss, but prefer lace weight.  Please consider a change of colors in the lace weight gloss.


I really love the heathered shadow lace, too.  It knits up really nice.

Did you see we can now get WotA in sport weight! Wonderful!
Yes! And how about the new Chroma? It looks pretty cool to me.
Amanda, It is different with different yarns... sometimes they are preparing to discontinue the entire line, sometimes they are just preparing to upgrade the colorways. 

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between WotA sport and Telemark?  As far as I can tell, they're the same weight and fiber content, correct? Can you tell me why and when I might choose one yarn over the other?


Jennifer, this is just a guess. If I remember right, sport weight in WotA is fairly new. The description for the WotA is Peruvian wool and is described as a cross between Corriedale and Merino. It is compared to comparable brands costing $3.50/ball. Telemark is described as Peruvian highland wool and comparable to brands at $5.65/ball. So I imagine that the highland has a little better quality fiber. Perhaps someone in customer service could confirm this or give us the correct information.
Thanks Cheryl.  I just saw Stacey's comment on Ravelry to a similar question, and it seems that the big difference is how tight the twist is: Telemark is spun tighter and is sturdier, and WotA is loftier.  I appreciate your help!
Oh, I'm so glad you found that information. I started to say something about the twist, but I couldn't tell from the pictures that the twist might be different.

sorry - I just saw this - I'm glad you found my other answer! :)


Here's what I wrote if someone else is curious:


Telemark has a much tighter spin that gives it a more ropey texture, like a typical Norwegian sport weight yarn. Wota Sport has a lighter spin and more lofty like appearance (similar to the Worsted version)


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