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I'm looking for a yarn with at least 20% nylon content. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have used Dazzleaire yarn for years to knit houseshoes. The nylon content of the yarn makes them wear much better. I can no longer get this type of yarn. I would appreciate any suggestions as to where I can find something similar.
Our Stroll line has nylon in it- what weight were you looking for? Stroll is a wool/nylon blend in fingering & sport.

We also have our Shine & Comfy cotton blend yarns in several different weights that may work for you.
I was looking for a regular weight yarn. I think the sports weight would be too light for houseshoes.
Can anyone please please PLEASE tell me which color green is pictured in this photo of Gloss lace?

Or, alternately, could someone let me know if the colors in the group photo at the top of the page linked above are even of the colors currently being sold?

I need to know if it's Pea Pod, or an earlier discontinued color. Captions would be SO helpful . . .
Hi Annalea,

That is Peapod in the center.

Top to Bottom:

Hope that helps!
Thank you, Stacey. It does help. Very much.

Now, if only that kind of caption info could be on each of the product pages . . . {wistful smile}

Thank you again!
I just bought two skeins of Stroll fingering weight yarn to do heels and toes on some socks I'm making; colors are black and buckskin. The buckskin feels ok but the black has a very harsh feel, pretty much like an inexpensive acrylic. Will this wash out? I'm using it anyway since it's just for heels and toes, but it's disappointing. It's also lighter in weight than the same 4-ply wool/nylon fingering yarn that I used for the body of the socks.
No response?
Blanchois, I suggest you click here and contact customer service. I would let them know that no one has responded to you. They managed to see nina chen's post. I don't know why they missed yours.

Let me know if customer service doesn't respond to you and I'll try to figure out something else. This issue should be address. ♥cheryl
Thanks, cheryl!
Let me know if you don't get a response and I'll figure out who to send a message to.
Hi Blanchois,

My apologies for missing your post. I've noticed that with the black & darker yarns because of the excess dyes but it does soften with washing or soaking. But please feel free to give customer service a call at 1-800-574-1323 or via email here if you have concerns & they will take care of you :)



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