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Thank you - such a speedy response.
Does Gloss DK knit up as too feminine for a man's sweater??
Hi Everyone,

I am making a sweater for my mom out of the Andean Silk Worsted Weight yarn, and we've come upon a question. I told her that this would be a hand wash only sweater, and she asked me if she can have it dry cleaned. I honestly have no idea if it can be... I think I remember something about not dry cleaning hand knit items, but could have just made that up. So... can a sweater made out of Andean Silk be dry cleaned? Thanks,

Can I use any yarns for needlepoint?
This will depend on the count of the needlepoint canvas you are using. My mother used to use a worsted weight yarn to do some needlepoint. I have worked with the three ply persian yarn and you do separate the plys. The lace and fingering weights are much finer yarns. I have also worked in a blending filament for snow to make it sparkle. It all depends on what you are doing. Also, needlepoint is generally done with wool. I would think the worsted weights should work.
I am really not all that interested in scarves and shawls, but want to use those scrumptious lace yarns - perhaps combining to make heavier weights? Anybody have the same interests or have tried new directions with lace yarn?
I LOVE Gloss!! Just started a sweater for my son, and I LOVE the way the yarn is wound. I have a loty of fights with some of the other KP yarn-- why can't it all be pre-wound or whatever like Gloss?????
I'm with you. I just spent about $60 on yarn for a sweater project. I am so excited to make my new sweater. Well, the yarn got here - it's not wound. So, I'm vying - hard - for a ball winder and swift for Christmas. I hope the hubby comes through for me or it might be January or February (when I can buy them for myself) before I'm able to make my sweater. Also I've got three or four hanks of sock yarn waiting for me to wind them. I'm just not into hand winding, so in my stash they'll live.
Is it my imagination, or is there a LOT less lace yarn than there was even a few weeks ago? I hope we have new colors showing up on the site soon!
I thought they added some new colors this summer. --S
I don't know; maybe they've cleared out some older colors to make room for the new ones, then. All I know is, I felt like I missed out on a LOT of colors during my last big lace splurge this summer, and now that I'm ready to shop again, I'm thinking, "Wow, there aren't that many colors after all!"
I was wondering if anyone has attempted dying the simply cotton line???

I know it seems counter-productive since it's all organic... but the reason I ask is that my grandma has asked for a cardigan for Christmas (or whenever I finish) but specifically requested "not wool". I have browsed a ton on Ravelry, and the pre-dyed non-wool lines all seem way too shiny for my grandma. Simply cotton seems perfect... except that she doesn't tend to wear those neutral colors, rather baby blues or pinks.

So, does anyone have any experience or suggestions??



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