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am going crazy trying to buy a DPN needle set DPN (4", 6", 7", 8" - what's the pros and cons?????). Have looked at the site a zillion times. Also...should I go ahead with an Interchangeable circular set!!! Will it work the same as single points.
I live in Mexico, I am going back to Canada over the summer and I need to stock up on knitting accessories. I have LIMITED supplies here in I need to make purchases that will serve most of my needs. HELP!!
I am determined to learn to knit socks, hats, mitts, and also shawls (for my family back in Canada, who must endure winter). I love wood needles, so Harmony wood is what I have my heart set on, unless someone can convince me metal or plastic is better.
Also....any recommendations for books for me (I am a basic knitter level - dishclothes and scarves)....what are the best GO TO info books, how to books for someone living away from a yarn shop and an english person to ask. I am a visual learner...need lots of pictures. Thanks for any help you can give me!!
Hmmmm. Visual learner . . . it's hard to go wrong with Elizabeth Zimmerman's books. Knitting Without Tears, and Knitting Workshop are my two favorites of hers. (Knitter's Almanac is awesome, as well--takes you through a bunch of different patterns, one or two each month of the year.) You can check reviews at, and even read some of what's inside. Elizabeth's way of approaching knitting is so accessible and matter-of-fact, and I love her motto: "Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."

For an amazing, in-depth education on knitting in the round from the top down, get Barbara Walkers "Knitting from the Top". It has some illustrations, but mostly you need to just work through the patterns and see what happens for yourself. It's an excellent opportunity to use your imagination to visualize what she's explaining, but definitely one for quiet, uninterrupted stretches.

If you need more visual resources, go to YouTube and Ravelry. They're your yarn shop and knitting circle online. :o)

As for a dpn set: if you're going to be knitting socks, I would go with the 6" set. They're long enough to keep a decent amount of stitches on, but short enough to not get in your way too much. 7" & 8" dpn's are more for sweater sleeves and other things knit at a larger gauge, in my experience.

I went with an interchangeable set, with some extra cables. If you need to knit something that's smaller than 24" around (as the interchangeables don't come in 16" lengths), just make up two identical circular needles with the size needle you need to get gauge on one end, and a smaller needle (visibly smaller) on the other, and knit your smaller-than-24"-item in the round on two circulars. Always use the larger needle (which gives you correct gauge) to knit with (as your right-hand, working needle), and since you've got one of those size on each circ, you'll always have the correct size needle to knit with. It doesn't matter what size needle you knit *off* of, as it won't change your gauge. It's the working needle that really determines gauge. (Otherwise, circular needles with cables smaller than the needle you're using would be a complete bust.)

Or, you can just get a couple of the loooong cables, and work smaller circumference items with Magic Loop. (YouTube it if you're not familiar yet. :o)

I hope this helps . . . have a great time taking your knitting to the next level!!!
Very kind of you to reply!!! Thank you very much!
Repairing Harmony Circulars?
The purple cable is starting to detach from the metal part on the needle itself. Any way to re-attach it?
Marty in AZ
Cancel the previous request. Customer Service handled it.
I knew they would.. they are very good about their needles.
I understand why the small needle sizes make it impossible to make them interchangeable, but I've wondered why can't the cable be permanently fixed to these smaller sizes and the cables made so you can adjust the length of the cable alone with a cable extension. Even at the smallest size needle I would think this would work.
Oh, Pat, that is ingenious! After all they already have the Options Interchangeable Knitting Needle Cable Connectors. Wouldn't that work? Great solution!
I have quite a few of the fixed circulars and DP's in the smaller gauge sizes and have a hard time keeping track of which #1's are 2.25mm or 2.50mm and which #2's are 2.75mm or 3.00mm.  The KnitPicks view sizer only has holes for the 2.5mm #1 and the 3.0mm #2's.  Sure wish they would have slots for the smaller mm version.   Or does anyone know where I can find a sizer that has slots for all of them?

Dixie, I thought KP carried Nancy's Knit Knacks Circular ID tags but I can't find them anymore. One of the needle gauges KP has is from Nancy's so I know KP has carried Nancy's products. I suggest you click here for some needle ID tags for smaller gauge needles.

And if you want a needle gauge with the in between sizes, click here for one from KP.

Thanks for the reply.  I've poured over the KP website and can't believe that I missed the needle/hook sizer you mentioned.  I can't tell from the picture whether it has the in-between sizes that I am looking for, but if you say it does then that's enough for me.  I put one into my cart to add to my next KP order. (and I like that it is made in the USA!)   I'm going to check into the ID tags you mentioned.  Thanks for the help.  It is appreciated. 

Dixie, I just sent you a friend request with a message. Be sure to check it out.



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