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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Nickel-Plated Options Interchangeable Needles.

If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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I wrote a few weeks ago about two of my Options cables popping out of their metal sockets when I pulled on the needles while knitting circularly with two needles. Immediately someone from KP customer service sent me a message and said two cable needles were sent to me. I just received them today. Thank you so much!
I luv my option needles and have experienced problems with the cable cord too, but just added some glue and all is good. I've been knitting for almost a year and since purchasing my options needles I have been knitting up a storm. I've been staring at the birch wood needles and hopefully will purchase the set soon.
I have had my options needles since February and the first thing I did was check whether all the tips went on all the cable and notice that the little hole used for tightening was really rough on one 32" so when I sent my next order I mentioned to customer service and included a set of new cable in with my order, awesome service. I was in the middle of a pair of mitts that had to be finished and a huge afghan stitch afghan for my sons birthday end of march so was unable to try the new needles. This is almost funny, I cast on my stitches for my tension swatch and a 24" cable pulled out of the end, shoved it back in and I hope it stays ( my fingers are crossed),then I started to kinit about 6-8 rows and one end unscrewed, used the included pin and a small piece of rubber and tightening it properly and that solved that. I am in love with these needles aready, the smooth feel and points are wonderful, I hope I don't have too many more problems because these needles are lovely.
Just another piece of information to go with the interchangeable set the binder and the pages of pockets are great to keep them in and you can order additional pages to keep the few fixed needles you need and there is also room to keep your set interchangeable harmony needles. I also decided recently that I since I had heard so much about the skacel addi needles for the magic loop technique that I thought I would purchase 1 to try so I could really know what I was talking about when I did recommend a cabled needle to someone and I have to say that I have no questions in my mind that the knitpicks cables are so much better the other brand I tried the cable has small kinks in it where I pulled it through to do the magic loop and when I use knitpicks they don't kink and they have more elasticity in the cable. I will alway recommend the knitpicks brand of needles and cables 200 percent to anyone and everyone that asks or will listen to me. Thanks everyone keep on knitting. Trixhilda
my second order included the binder with the ziploc pages, I think it is wonderful, I have the other case that came with the needles and right now i have my extra addi turbo and inox circulars in that. the nice thing is i can switch back and forth depending on how much room i have to pack things when i travel, i also order the 6" ruler, needle gauge, magnifier with my last order and find that the best 3 in 1 tool i have ever seen, hats off to Knit Picks for coming up with such great products.
What did you mean by using the key and a piece of rubber? My cable keeps untwisting from the needle and I keep losing stitches that way. Someone has mentioned tightening it with the key. How tight am I supposed to make it?
Hi, I hope that I didn,t over state the tightening of the cables, I use the piece of rubber because the needles are slick and my hands are always very dry, I use very little pressure on the needle tip and I do mean "very little". I just wanted to make sure no one misunderstood because the threads could be striped very easily. For me, this by far the most fabulous set of needles I've ever played with, they are truly the best
I use the little pin that came with the cables, slide it through the little hole in the end, and a also have a small rubber? circle that came with one of my circs sometime which is now in my options case. I use it in my finger around the needle end. I hold the pin end on my left fingers in place with my thumb and turn the needle with the rubber circle and it gets a little tighter that just using my hand. i don't apply very much pressure though. anything would work instead to the circle even an rubber band. Ive been knitting away all evening and the tips are staying on beautiful, happy knitting, Joan
I have several sets of needle tips and cables and love everything about them. But the best thing is the customer service. I've had a couple of problems (a cable join that came apart and mis-matched tips) and both times Knit Picks came through with replacements without any questions or problems. I have become a very loyal Knit Picks customer.
My only complaint with nickel-plated options is I seem to more frequently than I like have to keep tightening up the connection to the cable. It doesn't keep me from using them, as they are actually my favorites. I just wish something could be done to lock the needle to the cable without effecting their smoothness--that would be my wish--oh and color coding or someway to tell the size--laser cut into the needle or a color code on the end. Anyway, I do still love them. I have two sets.
linda if you cannot get the the needle tight enough with the key then get a small piece of rubber like the stuff you can buy to help open jars in the kitchen use this in conjuntion with your key and that should help get them a bit tighter but do try for to tight or you could strip the threads on the screw in joins. and I agree that somesort of coding would be nice but I have found that if I keep a guage marker with me all the time it really helps because then I always have a small ruler with also but if you have another brand that is the soft metal type I would recommend getting the one from knitpicks for several reasons first it is a hard plastic so no getting bent it has a ruler for counting out your guage swatch and they have included the counter area to have a small magnifier area to help see those smaller stitches I love it and for the price even if you don't care for it it is not a big deal if you don't feel like sending it back for credit. Good luck keep knitting trixhilda
This is my first time in any chat room and wanted to see the posts on the interchangeable cable needle. I would love to have the whole set but am concerned about them coming apart in the middle of a project. Would there ever be a chance of KP making fixed cables on more than the size 16" ?


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