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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Nickel-Plated Options Interchangeable Needles.

If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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I love the nickel plated Options interchangeable needles! I prefer circular knitting. I feel they work great with my fiber. I am glad to know that should I have a problem with my needles( although I haven't had any problems with them), there is no problem replacing them.
Thanks for these wonderful needles!
I have been using the Nickel-Plated Options set for about one year now, and I am fairly certain that I will never use another kind - straight needles be gone!
The cables don't curl like other circulars that I have tried, and only rarely do I have a stitch get stuck on the join. Only one issue has come up in my use and is purely aesthetic, not functional, and that is this; the nickel plating seems to be rubbing off of the needles that I use the most. Other than that...perfect!
I, too, have had a couple of cables come off the joiner but they were immediately replaced. I love the weight, balance and feel of these needles, and have used them very comfortably on even "slippery" yarns.

Have you tried this? When I need to place a lifeline in my knitting, I run a piece of sewing thread or dental floss thru the little tightening hole in the joiner, then knit on. It tows the lifeline thru all stitches and the legs are properly positioned as I knit. What a time saver!
How funny, I just wrote that lifeline trick into the tutorial for our May lace catalog! We've had rave reviews from lace knitters about being able to skip the tedious parts of threading your lifeline through your active stitches by using the Options needles that way...
Saves me every time. :
Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing it here!
Ditto! What an ingenious idea! I will use that for lifeline from now on. Thanks!!
I recieved my interchangable needles as a Christmas gift and I had problems with 2 of the cables I contacted customer service and they replaced the right away I have contacted customer service several time about different issues and they have always attended to the issue right away and always in a positive manner I cannot say enough good things about Knitpicks they entire company is great in everyway that I can think of I have ordered at least 8 or 9 different lines in several different colors of each and I have the nickel plated interchangeable set and I have the harmony needles in sizes 2 and 3 and I love them just as much each needle type is useful with the appropriate yarn and they are all great performers and all of the products are backed up 200 percent and the 200 is not a typo they are great
I agree 200 percent! Since buying my Options, along with the carry case, etc, I don't use anything else, and I have a LOT of other needles - single points, dps, and all kinds and sizes of circs. I simply drop my case into whatever project bag I'm using and I'm set for whatever comes up!
I to have zillions of all other needles possible and I have pretty much packed them up and have actually though about putting them out on the next yard sale that our neighborhood does. I would let you know that if you get any of the harmony needles be very careful of the points on them they are so much sharper than other brands of wood needles that if you care for them the same way you might chip the tip on them a little bit I did that on one of mine I did just sand it down a bit but the tips are much better than the standard wooden needles that they need a bit of extra care but they are worth it.
I love mine! Absolutely no complaints. They are the greatest!
I have been using the Options needles for nearly a year now. They are the best ever. I purchased the nickle plated set at first, then purchased a Harmony fixed circular to try out. Finally I purchased some of the larger Harmony tips to use on sweaters, afghans, blankets, and for use on slippery yarn. In all of thei time, I have only had one cable come lose and I think I was being a little rougher than usual with my knitting that day. I didn't realize that they would replace their products. I'll call this week.

Love these discussions. I've learned a lot this week alone.


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