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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Nickel-Plated Options Interchangeable Needles.

If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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January 30th, 2008 at 6:46 pm

I have only been knitting for about 6 months now and purchased your interchangable circular needles in early December. I love everything I have purchased from Knit Picks! Thank you, Thank You! THANK YOU! Knitting is awesome!

I normally use the Harmony needles, but find that if I am knitting with bulky or doubled yarn, the Nickel-Plated Options needles are just the ticket. They aren't as 'user friendly' for slicker yarns, however. Each has its uses!
Dale, I did that too, but as I have arthritis, I can't push it all in and there's still a little gap between the cable and the join. You should write to KnitPicks customer service. Someone wrote to me and offered to sen me new replacement cords free of charge! How nice is that?

I still love the needles. they are the only needles I use.I have the complete set with the carrying case. I also found the magnetic board to come in handy when I made my color worked sweater.
yep I even love my knitpick DPs.

I hope I did not come off as to bad mouth the company. ..butall those stitches floating of my needles.I could just pout.
Hi, Dale! I believe Knit Picks Customer Service sent you a message - you can access your messages on the Knitting Community by going to the far upper left of the screen and clicking on the envelope icon.

-KP Admin
I was sent a note that Knit picks will be sending me new cords...Thank you
I love Bob and Kelly and there staff at knitpicks.
Have a great weekend .
I love the nickel plated needles - it's all I use for socks - one 40" using the magic loop. Although I think the harnony needles are beautiful, these slide better and I can knit much faster. And the price is right!!!
I have purchased the options interchangeable needles. The problem with them is that as I knit, the rows twist around and this unscrews the needles from the cable. Is there any way I can tighten the screw so that the knitted fabric won't twist it off? Please help! I am a relatively new knitter and I'm getting frustrated that I keep losing stitches because they come off the needles.
This happened to me the first time, but I hadn't used the little pin to tighten the needle to the cable . . . . Now, every time I change needle tips, I use that pin faithfully, and I've never had another problem.
Fortunately, I have only had one unscrew a time or two, and while I think you should probably wait for Knit Picks suggestion before trying mine, I wonder if using one of those rubber lid loosener things (or good old rubber house-cleaning gloves) to hold onto the needle while tightening the cable might help? My biggest worry using one of those would be stripping the threads of the screw-end, which is why I suggest waiting to hear what Knit Picks suggests.
I have some of the blocking pins that are T shape. They work really well to tighten them as they are stronger than the ones that came with the set. I have the Harmony set and really like the pointed end. I did have 2 that came unglued, but that was easy to fix, new ones came immediately. (I did try to answer your nice note to a fellow Montanan and let's try for a get together with both groups next fall. Thanks for the contact.)'
I've had just about the same experience as the rest of you - I adore my Options and use them all the time. I've had one cable come out, but when I called Customer Service, they sent me a new one without any trouble. In the mean time I was able to move all of my stitches to another cable.

Since this is looking to be a common problem, hopefully they'll look into changing the adhesive or the manufacturing process to fix it. Maybe they just didn't know how common an issue it was.


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