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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Nickel-Plated Options Interchangeable Needles.

If you have any problems with your needles, please contact Knit Picks Customer Service at 1.800.574.1323. Thanks!

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The two pairs of harmonies screwed just fine into the cable. It was the nickles that gave me problems. Since I didn't buy them from KP, I don't think CS would help me in the future, would they?

TrixHilda, I'm sorry about the CS of Signatures needles. I would never buy them just for the cost but they really should be more accomodating to their customers.


As I am working on my sock, I am using a 40" cable and love it! The lenght really does make a difference. Many people have said so but I didn't understand till I used it for a sock.

I will be ordering (soon, like within the next few days) a set of Nickel-Plated Options and a bunch of other stuff that amounts to almost $130.00, maybe more if I keep "lusting" after some more stuff on KnitPicks. LOL!


I'm way too excited. Can't hardly wait, a Christmas present for ME! Then I'm going to work on two sets of the Semplice Fingerless Mitts for my wife and a friend who is going to help me get the order.

Sounds like you are hooked! You might check out the knit alongs. The Ask the Fairy Godknitters is for any questions of any level. So please feel free to join us.

I have been reading thru the threads and I don't see my question so I  sorry if I am asking it over again. I just like yesterday got my nickel played interchangables and I also ordered 0-3 incl 1/2 sizes in fixed. Additional longer cables in 48 & 60 all for. $125. With 3 day shipping because I couldn't wait. Why cuz KP has the best CS and quality I can find. I love them and I have tried them all. My size 3 fixed were getting a tad over used (oops) and the cable was coming apart but they are like 2 or 3 years old and used alot. I mentioned this and they deducted the cost of my new size 3 from my order. Wow I know no company that would do that. 
Ok my question I started using my interchangeables in 4 and my yarn is sticking over where the cable meets the metal screw part. Not the joint of the cord and needle. Is this because they are so new?  Is there a trick tip or something ?  I am using 2 ply merino yarn for lace knitting it could just be the nature of the beast in lace knitting. But other than that I love my KP's. I like hiyas but ii just realized why I used to have a tight grip. The hiya's are so light I felt I had to hold them tighter the KP's are so well balanced and weighted that I am finding i am a more relaxed knitter. Read no kung fu death grip any more. I am a happy camper. 
Not knocking other companies i have used everything from bates to kollege and everything in between and I keep coming back to these. I am so happy to have them i am up at 5:30 am knitting. :) pardon the typos I am using my iPhone and it's "helping" me too much.

I have a question. I just received my Options set not quite 3 weeks ago. I love them and I am so glad I got them but I do have a concern. The tips that I have been using are turning a darker color - it apppears to be where they are coming into contact with my skin as the stitches move down the needle. Is this something that I should be concerned about? They are still nice and smooth but I am concerned about pitting in the future.

Sherry, I have the same problem with everything I touch. I just keep them polished with either toothpaste or silver polish.

I have purchased the lower end of their circulars (magic loop for my socks) and I just got around to knitting with the 2.5 mm and the joins are driving me nuts. I guess I should have checked them, but I purchased them mid last year. I wonder if they will still replace them even though I do not remember when I purchased them.

That aside, I LOVE these needles. They have been such a godsend to work with. The cable is flexible enough that magic looping socks on 2.25 mm or 2.75 mm needles has been HEAVENLY!! I am going to have to buy some more as I would like to knit more than a few pairs on theses sizes. 

Theses are a must have for anyone who is knitting with magic loop on their socks!!


What about the joins is bothering you?  Are they slipping loose or catching your yarn?  If they're slipping loose, you can get them tighter if you use a gripper to hold the metal part of the needle when you are holding the key in the other side.  I use one of those big broccoli rubber bands to hold the metal part of the needle and mine never come loose. 

Are you talking about fixed circulars or interchangeable? KP doesn't make interchangeables smaller than 3.5mm.

I have been wondering about something that may have been a topic of discussion before, but here goes.  I have the nickel plated options interchangeable needles, and I love them.  I also got the set of nickel plated dpns so that I  would be able to make socks and other things that require smaller gauge needles.  I realize that the needles for the interchangeable set are all made to fit on the same size base, and can only go down in size so far, due to the size of the connections.   

Wouldn't it be possible to make ANOTHER set of interchangeable needles in the ranging from 0 to 3.75, with the connector small enough to hold the size 0, thereby making it the right size to fit all the sizes in between that dpns normally come in between those sizes?  There are certainly enough different sizes to make a set, and it would really help to fill in the niche that is, thus far, dominated by dpns or fixed circs.  If they had to use a stronger, more expensive metal to make the connections to hold, it certainly would not be a deterrent to those of us who would like to have them. 

I have no complaint with my needles thus far, as I have been faithfully using the keys to tighten and loosen EVERY time I use them, and have had no problem with anything coming loose so far.  

But, PLEASE, Knittpicks, PLEASE consider making a set of interchangeable knitting needles in the sizes that dpns come in!  I just cannot see how it couldn't work!  If I am wrong, please explain why a new, separate interchangeable set for these smaller sizes would be impossible to produce such as I described.  

Hi Everyone,

New to the KnitPicks community and to knitting (for the most part) in general.  I recently purchased the KP nickel plated needles (the interchangeable set) and when I told the owner of my LYS she said they tend to pop out while you're knitting along.  Now I don't have to tell you how that horrified me about my purchases (which is due to arrive tomorrow).  She recommended the Addit Turbo.  Please help me know I made the right purchase.  As a fairly new knitter (I started knitting in November 2013) I don't have to tell you the fear she invoked in me about my purchase.  She told me to spend the money on the others and send my KP ones back and not to open the package.  I'm reading here that some people have experienced the cable coming undone from the needles.  Any advice on how to keep them together or maybe KP has made  changes and that doesn't happen anymore.  Kindly advise.  Thank you!  B~

Barbara, I think your local yarn shop was trying to make you regret in not buying the Addis from her. Yes, it is possible for the needle tips to come undone if you don't screw them down properly. Here's the hint: get a needle puller and hold the tip with it when you are tightening them and again when you are releasing them. You can find a needle puller at any fabric shop. They are often in the quilting section. It is just a small piece of a rubber gripper. Or you can even use a rubber band. In fact, I always keep one of the "cable keys" on my key chain along with a rubber band so if I'm knitting in public, I always have those tools if I need them. I also keep markers on my keychain. I guess I am truly a knitoholic.


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