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Is lace work hard? I have never done it but, like making socks, I want to try. Is it more than a beginner can handle? Am I being overly ambitious?
If you can handle knitting, purling, and basic increases and decreases you should be able to knit lace! We have a lace knitalong available and the book, "Wrapped in Comfort," has some good beginner patterns in it. Also, you can check out our chart reading tutorial here.
I don't think so at all! Lace knitting is only hard because you need to focus on it a little more than garter or stockinette knitting. Find some easy Eyelet Patterns, Fagoting, or other simple sorts of 'laces' and have at it. I will admit that I learned from Knitting for Dummies and then went on to pattern dictionaries like the Walker books and knitted those patterns I thought I was capable of; then when I learned to do socks and did not have a single problem because I already knew all of the decreases and was familiar with holding some information in my head! Good luck!
If you can do yo, ssk, s1k1psso, and k2tog stitches you are ready for lace knitting. It might be a good idea to do a practice project using size 8 needles and DK weight yarn. Something such as a small neck wrap or scarf with no shaping would be a good first project. Because lace knitting often involves moving stitches and sort of "rearranging" lacy holes, avoid any projects that contain shaping (collars, fitted sweaters etc) until you are comfortable with how lace evolves on your needles! Good luck and be prepared to become ADDICTED!!

I wish I had read this months ago. I just finished my FIRST "lace" type small project. I used a heavier weight yarn (sport weight) and moderately large needles. It will make a beautiful winter scarf. I'm blocking it right now. It was also easier once I had the pattern memorized, so that I didn't have to keep looking at the pattern. I'm still having a little trouble with charts, but have now found a chart that looks pretty straight forward. I've been knitting over three years now, and have completed sweaters, socks, and plenty of items that have shaping, etc. Somehow, everytime I tried a lace type project, I just got frustrated. The only thing close to lace that I've done is a feather and fan pattern that I used for socks, baby blankets, etc. Now I'm working on a lace shawl with the same pattern. It is about half way finished.

Thanks for the info.
Lace work is great way to learn, and most of time, it depends on what kind of lace work are you looking for. I started with bookmarks, and some scraves, then I started doing shawl which I love doing the lace. Again, it depends on pattern, and what kind of yarn, or cotton, anything.. AND the patience of doing it. It is similar to doing the doily, based on the pattern.. I have "picture" pattern instead of reading for making doily. But for knitting, I prefer reading words. Irony thing is it? Again, like I said, it depends mostly what kind of lace pattern. It seems hard or difficult, but till you start to knit, and read a row at a time, evenually, it becomes easier.
I would also love to see cable connectors. I actually was looking for these on the Knit Picks site. and got distracted by something else. I have even looked at my local craft shopping centers (They have NOTHING on Knit Picks!) but seen nothing that I was interested in, much less what I was looking for!

My only concern is that the connectors might snag the yarn.
I would also like the cable connector. I use the short KP cables as stitch holders for various things. It would be nice to be able to just "connect" instead of having to screw on an end to slide the stitches back on to the main needle. I have had the nickel-plated set for a couple of years, and I am adding Harmony tips in the sizes that I use most. BTW, the only Harmony I have had a problem with is the one I stepped on. THAT will break them.
I learned something else.. My cat like to chew one of bamboo dpn :'(
I too would love to see cables connectors, it would let us make longer needles, i had some of connectors on a very old set of SEARS, dates me, but they worked, maybe KnitPicks will offer. Irene
You can buy cable connectors for them I seen then on the uk eBay site
KP also started carrying the cable connectors just recently. --S


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