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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Harmony Options Interchangeable Needles.

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February 3rd, 2008 at 7:27 am

I just received my order for Harmony needles yesterday. I have every size of those beautiful needles now. I get more complements on the unique color of them than I do my knitting projects…..hummmmmm …….anyway thank you for a great product.

January 27th, 2008 at 6:22 am

My wonderful husband was feeling slightly guilty for buying a very expensive bass guitar for himself (I had no problem with it) when my KnitPicks catalog arrived with the Harmony Wood needles on the front cover. After I finished drooling all over them he immediately took the catalog away and ordered the entire set for me, to assuage his guilty feelings for spending too much money on himself (I protested…mildly). I have not put these needles down since they arrived…..not only are they beautiful but they are a joy to work with!!! I have since purchased all the circular lengths I need and now I am ready for anything!!! You “guys” are great!!!

- Jenyfer Johnson
January 22nd, 2008 at 3:10 pm

I just got my Harmony Options needle set and the DPN set. I cannot tell you how impressed I am. I have almost every needle on the market, and these are by far my favorites. I started knitting with them as soon as I got them. I couldn’t put them down! These are the smoothest and most beautiful needles I own.

Thanks for coming up with such a great idea, and then acting on it. AND, thanks for feeding my addiction.

Becky Paschall
January 18th, 2008 at 1:46 pm

I just got my 2 sets of harmony wood dpns (I do 2 socks at a time on dpns to avoid second sock syndrome). Wow! I put off ordering them because I already have your metal dpns and didn’t really like the way the harmony needles looked in the catalog. Then I saw them in person at a local knit night and fell in love with them. They really are beautiful in person, and they are so smooth and strong! My next order is going to be for the complete interchangeable needle set in the wood. I am also strongly requesting that you consider expanding your harmony line in the future to include sets of 10 inch single points. I like to do lace scarves and some stoles on single points, and usually use bryspun or lantern moon needles, but I would also really enjoy using harmony wood single points if they were available.

- Teri
Have you considered attaching a separate cable to each needle point with a cable cap [the screw on button things] on the other end of each cable and using them as flex needles? Takes the weight off your work and is ergonomically better for your wrists... not to mention saves you money by using the Options you already have in additional ways.

I personally do all my knitting on circulars, but knit back and forth instead of around for scarves and afghans, etc. I have tendonitis in both wrists and it makes all the difference in the world! I can knit longer with far less chance of stirring up the wrist pain. Plus, I never misplace needles during a project cuz they are "leashed" together. :-)

Just something to consider...

GR8 idea Elianastar....

I have the same arthrisis in both hands...this trick helps amazingly.



December 31st, 2007 at 6:53 pm

I love your Harmony wood needles! I had already bought most sizes in the nickel-plated tips, but I ordered duplicates in the wood. The 32″ classic circulars are perfect for making socks using the magic loop method. The joint between the tips and the cable is the smoothest I have found, which is really important in magic loop, as you have to back the needles through the stitches. I heartily recommend them to sock knitters.

I have been an avid customer ever since I discovered your company a couple of years ago. Your yarns are wonderful and the prices are fabulous. Keep up the good work!

- Cheryl
December 26th, 2007 at 6:32 pm

I wish-listed the Harmony Needle set for Christmas and got it. I LOVE how the needles feel in my hand. The joins are so smooth - better than some fixed circulars I own. I’m already making my wish list for Mother’s Day and my next birthday (assuming I can wait).

- Shan Nevils
I love love love mine. I did have one where the wood came out of the little metal piece (yeah, I know, I'm real technical...........LOL) but used a bit of craft jewelry glue and it fixed it right up :o) I LOVE my harmony needles!!!!! And I love my friends who gifted them to me even more..........hehehe
I had this same issue with a couple of mine but the glue fixed them right up! I can't live without them and have had knitters threaten to take them from me when they see them. I am so impressed by these needles and so happy with the sharp point! Thank you to Kelley for being inspired by a spoon :0)

I recently got my Harmony Options set and they're great. There's just one small thing that I think would make the set even more versatile.

Have you considered making a joint that can be used to connect two cables together so that a cable of any length can be created by joining different sizes? My Denise Interchangeable set has these and they're very useful, especially since I like to use the cables as stitch holders. All you need is a small metal tube that is threaded on both ends so that a cable can be added on either side. This addition would make the set absolutely, positively perfect!

Thanks for providing us with such a beautiful and functional set of knitting needles. :)
I also would love to see a 'cable connector.' I do a great deal of lace knitting and it would be amazing to be able to have an even longer than 60" cable! Also, it's just a convenient idea, although I certainly understand it is better for business to sell longer cables than it would be to sell a tiny female threaded tube, any plans for a longer than 60" cable?

These needles and cables are amazing! Enough tack to keep my yarn in place while doing complicated lace and enough glide to keep me stitching away! Now I just need more time...


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