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I just absorb Kelly's tips and hints like a sponge...usually after I listen to her podcasts..a light bulb goes off lol..

And slipping that first stitch is a lifesaver ..especially if you gotta go back and pick up stitches as in Entrelac knitting.

Or the edge of a heel flap on a sock! I agree!
FIrst, Amanda, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask! Kelley and her husband, Bob, are the owners of Knit Picks. If you click on the tab "Learn" at the top of the page, you can find lots of good information from KP. A lot of it is done by Kelley. Or click on "Podcasts" to listen to her podcasts. This can also be downloaded in iTunes.
I have a lot of them saved to CDs, but since I got my iPad, I keep them in the iPod app, so they're always handy. Cheryl and I especially like Episode 122!
I think Susan the Blue Lake Knitter is fond of that one also! It is my fave!
Exactly! Only she hadn't put in an appearance in this discussion...yet!

Hiya Amanda,


You can listen to the latest podcast that is all about overcoming mistakes. Kelley talks about a lot of the tips that others have mentioned previously. You can go to the Knit Picks blog here to listen to that podcast episode. Or like Cheryl mentioned, you can download and even subscribe to the Knit Picks podcast directly through iTunes.


Also, a little side note: I tend to always slip my first stitch on every row no matter what pattern I am working. Not only does it make for a much neater edge, but it also lets you pick up stitches much more neatly that way, if that is something that you need to do. I always slip my first stitch purlwise on every row, which is the norm...unless the pattern specifically says knitwise, you almost always slip purlwise.


Have fun listening to the podcasts, they so fun and helpful too :



Hi such thing as a stupid question..Kelly Petkum is the owner of KnitPicks..

She does podcasts as well as her other staff on various knitting situations.

I slip EVERY first stitch NO matter what the pattern is...saves problems later. I slip knits knitwise and purls purlwises.

Hope this helps...


Amanda, as you can see, everyone has their own preference. You need to try each method and decide what you like best, what you feel works for you. For more than a decade, I always tried to do a provisional and always had to pick out the provisional yarn, then I found one that worked for me. That was during the Montevilla Market Bag knit along. So many people tried every technique and each found one that worked for them. There are so many different techniques. That is one of the wonderful things about knitting. So many great knitters have figured out ways to do a technique that works a bit better for them. so don't be afraid to try different techniques. In fact, in the last 2½ years in this community I have changed to several techniques that I like better than the techniques I'd been using.
Same here! I found this website after knitting and reading about knitting for nearly 60 years. I've changed a lot of what I do. Not everything I try suits me, but a lot does, and it's worth trying out things!
I bent one by sitting on it. Lucky that was all I did. If you're bending an NP needle, you're probably holding it too hard or knitting too tightly. We discussed tight knitting about two pages ago. It was how we got started on slipping the first st of each row. Knitting tightly isn't a good thing over the long term. Kelley talks about knitting tightly in the latest podcast here:


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