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Here's where you can post feedback and questions about our Harmony Options Interchangeable Needles.

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You are very welcome hon....

I got the try it set too ..after I already had my harmonys and I agree.


I love all three kinds for different purposes. I have the complete Harmony and Zephyr sets and am completing my NP set one pair at a time.
I'm completing the Harmony set. I have the other 2.
Glena, that's the kind of bets I love! You win, even if you lose!
Hi Glena.  That is so funny because my husband and I had a similar bet.  My husband bet me that if I could stay off of HSN for a month he would buy me a new Kitchenaid mixer in a new color.  I tuned into QVC and won the bet.  He wasn't happy!
I am a tight knitter and I keep breaking the smaller tips on both the Zyphers and the Harmonys. Has anyone else had this problem? Guess I'll have to switch to nickle plate for the smaller (4-6) sizes.

No MarySue I haven't and I use my Harmonys daily...I would suggest a nice glass of wine before knitting lol j/k..honestly knitting tight is more difficult and hard on my arthritic I just chill while knitting...


I agree with Camilla. Knitting tight is not good for you (unless it's the wine that makes you tight)! You don't want joint problems or carpal tunnel! If you're breaking needle tips, think of what you might be doing to your hands! If you're knitting tightly to get gauge, go down a needle size and relax. It may take some practice. Kelley teaches knitters to sl the first st of each row to keep from knitting tightly. (The first st is always a little loose, so knitters tend to tighten up for it and then continue to knit too tightly.) One other benefit from loosening up is increased speed...once you're used to knitting that way, of course!
I love Kelley's tip about slipping the first stitch! It makes a much neater edge, I feel! And sadly I have broken my harmony tips before but it was because my son had grabbed them and hid them and I sat on them!
I've broken many a needle by sitting on them! I've even dented a metal needle by accidentally stepping on it. Shame on me!
I bent one of the NP dpns once by sitting on it. Didn't hurt my butt at all. Sunny ate one of my Harmony needle tips, so I had to replace the pair!


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