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Thank you for those suggestions! I have requested No Sheep For You through interlibrary loan, so I expect to have a opportunity to read that soon. I'm unfamiliar with the other book, so I'll see if I can track down a copy.

Great idea!
Here's a tutorial on how to convert from flat to round (or vice versa), and here's a tutorial on how to do Magic Loop.
I just listened to the knitting flat patterns in the round, and I would have loved to hear it go a step further. I am trying to figure out what would be the best way to knit a cardigan in the round. I am am pretty sure it would entail steeking, but would love to hear about it from someone who has tried it or just to know it is possible.
Have you checked out our Classic Lines Cardigan Knitalong? Everyone is knitting a cardigan in the round that is steeked at the end, and the pattern is free. The members there have tons of good suggestions about knitting cardigans in the round.
Thanks, right after I posted this, I listened to the podcast and was afraid I missed the knitalong. I will get started on this very soon. I really want to try this technique!
I have a suggestion for the podcast, but not so much for content as format. Often when Kelley starts talking about a book, I think, "not interested" so I don't really pay attention to the author or title. By the time she has finished talking about the book, I am wanting that book BAD, but I have no idea what it is called or who wrote it. How about repeating the title and author at the end of the review?
In one of Kelley's older podcasts (somewhere in the low 50s), she reviewed Luise Roberts' book, Afghans and Throws. One of the items in the book that Kelley pointed out was the section on decorative seams. I would love to hear a podcast about various ways of doing decorative seams-- it is very hard to find info about these in books and online.

I think others would find this interesting as well. Thanks.

I just listened to the newest podcast and I loved it! I go into my projects a lot less nervous now because I know it's okay to adjust to make it work for me! I was wondering if Nina still works at knitpicks? I love all of the wonderful people who work there but I watched her sweater class and learned so much but I haven't seen anything very recent so I wondered where she is. I think it would be neat to do a podcast with each designer/employee at knitpicks to talk about how they started knitting and their favorite techniques and methods. Sorry if that's already been suggested- I was just eager to type on this forum!


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