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I would like to see a discussion on how to ensure you have enough yarn for a project when the instructions only list the weight of the yarn. (like Elizabeth Zimmermans patterns)
What about an interview with Ann Rubin of "afghans for Afghans" or other organizers of charity knitting projects?
Have you been diagnosed with the dreaded epicondilitis (tennis elbow) yet....? (yes, it's from knitting, as well as other repetitive activities). Well, I have and it put a stop to my knitting now for 6 months. But, I'm coming back to knitting soon just want to make sure I'm healed well. Why did I get this? Well, it's because one weekend I sat with my arms scrunched up in bed knitting the entire weekend while I was ill and my husband was out of town. Unbeknownst to me, I was making little tiny fray marks in my elbow tendon with each repetitive motion----all because my arms were bent way more than they are used to be and I was sitting wrong. Epicondilitis is not "inflammation" (despite the 'itis' at the end of the word"). It causes very bad pain on the upper elbow when I lift anything (my purse, when I lift a coffee mug full of coffee, etc). I have a job during the day that requires a lot of typing on the keyboard so a weekend of knitting wrong pushed it over the edge. I did not have any symptoms until after I knit "wrong" and the symptoms began the next day - so I know it was from knitting. I'd like to hear from an expert (like a doctor who knits) about how to avoid epicondilitis (probably they will say with good knitting posture) and what is a reasonable time to refrain from knitting? How can I keep it from recurring. I'm almost afraid to knit now I've been in agony for the last 4 months (but last 2 I've been on the mend). Also, I want to warn others of why it's important not to knit in a bad position (like in bed). Just an idea. Thanks
I love the Book Reviews section of the podcast but I have one suggestion:

Would you repeat the title and author of the book after you are done reviewing the book? Sometimes i find that once i've listened to you talk about the book that i become interested in it but i wasn't interested in it when i has just heard the name so i wouldn't pay attention. once i decide to look into that book, i usually have to rewind the podcast to where you said the name of the book.

I'm a big fan of the Podcast and, as a fellow Kindle user/lover, had an idea for you to try or talk about on the Podcast. I transfer my patterns (either type them in from the book or cut and paste from a website or PDF) into a Word document. Then I go through the pattern and lay it out row by row, at the same time looking for tricky bits, things that would make more sense to me written another way, or those sneaky instructions like "at the same time" and rewrite what I need to and bold special instructions. That way I've read the whole pattern through and am sure I understand everything that's happening before I start.

Then I email the Word document to my Kindle. I have about 20 patterns on there, and it's been great for traveling, especially for long trips like the 5 weeks my husband and I just spent in South Africa. I don't have to worry about keeping track of anything except my Kindle, and when I want to double-check my knitting packing list, it's all right there in one spot. And, once I'm there, I don't have to worry about grabbing yarn for a project and not having the right pattern in my bag, or about what to knit next because I can pick up any of the projects I brought and just go!

When it comes time to actually knit from a pattern on my Kindle, I use the scroll wheel to mark which row I'm on (and a counter bracelet just to be safe in case it gets moved or goes to sleep), and when I'm done with a knitting session, I simply highlight the last row I completed. The next time I pick it up, I delete the highlight and continue knitting! It's really changed the way I knit. I take it to work with me, on the plane, all over South Africa and Namibia, and use it in the living room. The only downside is I can't read while I'm knitting, but then I haven't really mastered that yet, anyway!

Just thought I would share my Kindle love... Hope you find it useful!
My favorite parts of your podcast are when you share little tips and tricks like your alternative to the SSK or how to fix a problem several rows below your current place in the project. I also share your love for audiobooks, and we seem to have the same taste, so I love it when you recommend a title! Is there any place where you post your recommended audiobooks all in one place?

I'd be interested in hearing reviews of different types of lighting available for knitting projects, and interviews with folks from the publishing end of the knitting biz such as Interweave or Vogue. I'm very curious about how their magazines come together!

I also second others' ideas of an EZ-centered podcast and an interview with someone from TKGA and their master knitter program.
Kelley love, love the podcasts! I miss the Zena barks!
Maybe put them in the beginning... after Episode # ...
to keep from startling people - Melanie
I miss Zena, too! It scared me the first time I didn't hear her bark (reverse startled?) and I had to come online to make sure she's ok! That's what I get for listening to the podcasts out of order!
What about a podcast on how to get designs published?
Hmm, I think a lot of knitters would be interested in that, but we don't publish designs at Knit Picks. We have a staff of designers and they create all of our exclusive designs. Also, there is a big difference between what it takes to get published with Knitty versus having a book deal with Interweave Press. You might be interested in this episode of CraftSanity where Melanie Falick talks about the craft publishing industry:

Additionally, Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood who makes CraftSanity, frequently asks her guests to describe the process that led from having a great idea to being published. It is different for every person, and she does interview people from a range of crafty fields, instead of focusing on knitters.
I would love an episode about yarns that are not animal fiber. Which one's to use for what purpose, the properties of each, benefits and drawbacks, and general helpful hints. I've heard Kelley mention her sister's relationship issues with animal fibers, and there are plenty of us around who either can't or won't use animal fibers, or know for someone equally itchy.
Just love the podcast. You keep me inspired and passionate about knitting in a busy, busy world where it's easy to put the traditional crafts on the back burner. You help preserve this art, and that is very valuable indeed.

p.s.: Always keep the bark.
Dear MrsQ,

That's a really good suggestion. I bet people who have animal fiber allergies, those who live in warm climates, or those who are vegan would be interested in a podcast on the topic.

In the meantime, have you read No Sheep for You by Amy Singer? In addition to featuring very nice patterns, the first chapter gives the most complete overview of different sorts of plant based and silk fibers I've seen anywhere and it explains each fiber's strengths, weaknesses, and sorts of knitted projects that will really take advantage of the fiber's features.

The Knitter's Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes also really explains yarn fibers well (but also talks about wool and other animal hair based fibers) and has a fantastic explaination about how the contruction of the yarn can make your knitting behave in different ways as well.


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