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Any suggestions for me? Woof!
Yes, I have a suggestion for you, darling Xena - I want one of you too. Can you make puppies?

Come visit my mini-poos, Rocky and Sunny!

I'm working my first Annie Modesitt pattern, and have a couple of troubles already. I've been exceptionally fortunate in that I work somewhere that has other knitters (I work at a chain craft shop, imagine that!) and 2 of them have been wonderful in assisting me in my confuzzlements.

Some ideas that I have so far:
casting on at the beginning/end of rows (something other than just wrapping the yarn, then turning and purling the stitches would be nice)
the cable cast on was recommended, but I had no idea how to do that in this circumstance and not end up with a bundle of stitches that looked wonky.

paired double decreases
there are 2 back princess seams, and the vertical double decrease was recommended - it leans, and if I do both the same way the leans will be the same, and my back doesn't DO that ;) I'm hoping someone at work today can cure that issue, or I'll be doing it wrong (complete with lifelines underneath the decreases) and will have to do selective drop&fix solutions later on.

been knitting for 35 years, but sometimes i feel like a newbie!
How about something on yarn substitutions? Sweaters designed for wool yarn might or might not work up well in cotton, and vice versa, and the kinds of adjustments that may have to be made. People who are just starting to do sweaters might particularly find this helpful.

Or sweater design. Interviews with your talented staff designers about how they go about designing a sweater? Good books?

Knitting groups--from large guilds to informal stitch-and-bitch groups--are so popular now that I can't help but think that there might be something there for a podcast, but I don't know specifically what.

What about an interview with whoever it is that runs the Master Knitting program through the Knitting Guild of America? Some people may not know about it, and may be interested. (It's something I've always been of two minds about. On the one hand, as a fiber snob with a reputation for fanaticism to maintain, I've been tempted to do it. On the other hand, life is too short.)

An interview with an art knitter like Debbie New or Annie Modessit, or people who knit unusual, nonwearable items--like the authors of those books on tea cozies, toilet paper covers and knitted gardens.
I second the motion about learning to substitute yarns. I don't have a great grasp about the what different weights of yarns really mean (I can tell laceweight from bulky, but not so good on the fine points in between) It would be helpful to go over the basics of yarn weight, needle sizes to go with, appropriate projects, etc.

Keep up the good work--love the podcasts
I just bought my first computer so I am rather new to your podcasts. I love them!! I live in a small town in the midwest, not very close to a yarn shop or knitting group. I was wondering if you could (or have in the past) make suggestions on how to start a group.
thanks for this community!!!
I love the podcasts where we get the "inside scoop" on what is going on at Knit Picks. Please continue those. I also look forward to the books section of every podcast. I've bought several of the books you've recommended.
Did you already do a podcast on blocking? If not, I think that would be a wonderful topic.
I second blocking. It is a subject that often comes up at our shop. I must say that my husband the gadget guy was great when he bought me some blocking wires from the soddering store. Yes, they are 1/32 of an inch stainless steel wires. No worries about rust, fine enough for my finest lace shawls, and sturdy enough for my other projects.
Xena, you may have already read this: I'd watch out if Kelley is thinking of expanding to other types of yarn. Stay away from shears. You have been warned.
uh-oh! I don't think I have enough fur for a whole sweater!! But thanks for the warning. I'll run and hide if I see anyone grab the scissors.


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