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Dear Kelly,
I have loved your podcasts from the beginning. I've listened to every one many times. I like the interviews, but my favorite ones are when you share knitting information and the knitter who loved books.
Whenever I have downtime, I turn on the podcasts somewhere in the 30's episodes and just let them run while I knit. Each time I learn something knew I didn't catch before. As a lone knitter I take in every chance to learn more.
Can you do more of the information podcasts?
Stacy Dykes
I too love the book reviews! She has turned me on to a few books like any EZ book and Charlene Schurch's sock books too.

Love the reviews!
Love your podcasts! I listen on my ipod and here at KnitPicks. I really enjoyed the conversations with Lucy Neatby.
Hi Kelly,
My New Years Resolutions is to let all the podcasters I listen to know "How great you are". I really love listening to you, I am living thru your adventures and thoughts. I have learned so much thru you and value your podcast as a learning tool. Please keep up the great podcasts.I love Knitpicks, and I am always pleased with my purchases, you are the best! P.s I did miss Xena's bark in the last one.
Martha Lawrence
Hello Kelley,

Happy New Year!

Santa brought me a new iPod to replace my old one that died on me after only 1 year, so I am finally able to take your podcast everywhere I travel. I've learned so much from listening to you. I've listened to 30 of your recent past podcasts in less than 1 week and looking forward to catch up on rest of them.

I love all your interviews that give me insights into all those books I've checked out from my local library. I'm a solitary knitter, so your podcast opens me up to wonderful world of teaching, wisdom, advice, and companionship that I have otherwise no resource of outside borrowed books.

I've just started a new project, a Kimono Shawl from Falk Shawl book and tried your ssk technique in kwise-pwise-knit and they work great. I made a miniature sample in 30"x16" to see the lace pattern and ready to work on the full size one now. I hope to finish it for my mum for Mother's Day.

Thank you.

Hi Juliana,

I am so pleased to hear that you enjoy the podcast. Good luck with the Kimono Shawl! It is so beautiful! What color yarn are you using?

I made a sample in ivory white similar to the one from the book which I am very fond of, but I thought my mum would look lovely in lavender. ;-)

I live for the podcasts. I've learned a lot about knitting techniques by listening (while I'm knitting, quilting, driving or cleaning house). I've also learned about products, knitting books and audiobooks. I miss Xena's bark, too. What happened? Did she strike for more dog biscuits? Rocky and Sunny miss hearing her. --Peggy
I've listened to all the podcasts and Kelley has become a great companion while I am knitting. She has even tweaked my interest in shawls vs scarves and I'm on my third one in the last several months. The topics are wonderful and varied enough to provide interest to the novice as well as the experineced knitter, I've just joined ravelry and the KP Community so am looking forward to more information and inspiration for my knitting adventures.

My problem with the podcasts is that they make me want to BE Kelley. Strange, because I have a wonderful life! With two wonderful dogs of my own! (In their own way, they are just as cute as Xena!) But yes, I find the podcasts inspiring. Several of my projects are only in process because of the podcasts. Kelley, keep up[ the good work! I live for Wednesdays! --Peggy
Hey, Peggy, if you had my life than we wouldn't have anything new to share with each other! :)
Kelley: How true! And same with Rocky, Sunny and Xena! --Peggy


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