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She's like that. :-)
Carole: You made my day! It makes me feel good to do something for someone else, especially if it doesn't cost much or take much effort! And Star, thanks for the compliment, but it takes one to know one! :-} --Peggy
Star: Hugs! --P
Thanks... I've had a rough couple of days (emotionally and physically). I can use all the hugs I can get, however I can get them. :-) I really appreciate you, Peggy. You're a gem!
I truly enjoy your podcast, Kelly, and I look forward to each new episode. I have them all.
I am relatively new to the Knit Picks' podcasts, and am trying valiantly to catch up in my listening. This past weekend, I listened to the "tools"podcast (69th episode). When discussing the ball winder, Tina made a point to mention that "holding" your yarn between the ball winder and the swift tightens the yarn in the ball, which affects gauge and more. I agree, and have always cautioned against "pinching" the yarn while winding.
What I did want to point out to Kelley and Tina is that the Knit Picks video showing how to use a ball winder actually shows the person pinching the yarn!! I would strongly suggest re-taping that instructional video, and making mention of the affect of pinching the yarn.
Hi Christine! I always hold my yarn loosely in my fingers to keep the tension on the yarn consistent while winding from a swift to a ball winder. If you don't, you may end up with a ball that's too loosely wound and may fall apart in your knitting bag. I agree, though, that a death grip isn't any good for the yarn and may result in an overly-tensioned ball where the yarn is stretched out.
In the video, it is hard to tell that it is being held "loosely", so I just thought I would suggest adding a comment in the voice-over about not pinching.
Like you, I often let it run over my index finger as a "guide" and you are right, it tends to not allow the ball to be too loose! So, there is a happy medium.

Hi everyone - Regarding the tension of the ball of yarn when winding from a swift using a ball winder - I have found that winding the ball a second time evens out the tension. When winding from the swift on the "first pass", I often find that the ball is too tight. If I take the yarn from the center and wind it again with the ball winder, I can control the tension much better and end up with a ball that is "not too tight and not too loose". Hope this helps some of you. Happy knitting!
Hi Kelley and all you fellow fiberistas! I finally got an iPod and am hooked on these podcasts - Thank you so much, Kelley, for taking the time to create them. The information on audiobooks is especially exciting. What a great way to have portable entertainment while knitting! Another great source for audiobooks are libraries. You can find hundreds of free audiobooks. Find out how many libraries you can get access to - I just found out that besides my local library, I can check out audiobooks from a nearby city library and the county library. Since all the audiobooks are checked out and returned online, I don't even have to leave home.
I also want to express my appreciation for Harmony needles. I have arthritis in my hands and these needles allow me to knit for hours without pain. The smooth cable join and flexible cables are such a joy and save lots of unnecessary movements and the sharp points make it simple to catch each stitch. Thank you!
Hi, Willow! I agree with using libraries as a source of audiobooks. I download some, others I upload from CDs, butI have to go to the real, physical library for those. I also use for free audiobooks. They're recording anything that's in the public domain, such as Jane Austen, Dickens, Cervantes, L.M. Montgomery, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, etc. Some great stuff! I agree about the Harmony needles and the Options. I have arthritis, too, and have had surgery for one hand. (My arthritis is at the base of the thumb.) I still need to have the other thumb done. The first one is alreasy so much better! I use a square of plasticized shelf liner to hold onto the needle tip when tightening or loosening the Options from the cable. Works great! --P


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