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Making this annoucement on time this week, the newest Knit Picks podcast is up on the blog! Episode 163 is all about loving lace - no matter if you have yet to make that first yarn over or if you are an expert lace knitter, everyone can appreciate the beauty of lace.


With the weather finally warming up here in the Pacific Northwest, knitting lace have been on everyone's mind here at the office. On a recent trip, Kelley was fortunate enough to be sitting next to a fellow knitter on the plane back to Portland. She got the opportunity to share her love of knitting with her new knitting pal and Kelley recaps her reasons to knit lace as well as why new knitters shouldn't be afraid to tackle lace projects. Next up, Kelley presents three different books on lace - the first being The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting by Lynne Watterson, a perfect guide for knitters new to lace. For intermediate knitters looking to take their lace knitting in a new direction, Kelley talks about The Art of Knitted Lace, which features a stunning collection of garments that show off lace patterns by a number of designers. As for experienced and adventurous lace knitters, Kelley recommends Wrapped in Lace by Margaret Stove - an beautiful collections of designs inspired by Margaret's life. Finally,this lace lovers podcast wraps up with a "What's On My Needles" segment where Kelley gives an update on her Anniversary Shawl and highlights new projects on her needles.

In the latest podcast, Episode 164 - Kelley gets ready for the upcoming Sock Summit with weaving! By planning out projects for her rigid heddle loom, Kelley is able to go through her sock stash and use up yarn from the first Sock Summit. Who knew weaving could work as a stash management tool? Kelley also shares two books that would be perfect for those interested in weaving - Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving by Betty Linn Davenport and Weaving Made Easy by Liz Gipson. Next up, Kelley chats about projects on her needles and her weekend of weaving! Kelley also reviews the book, Mittens & Hats for Yarn Lovers by Carri Hammett.
Have you listened to the latest Knit Picks podcast yet? In Podcast 165, Kelley makes a big annoucement about transitions that have been happening at KP!
It sounds like there have really been lots of changes going on.

The latest podcast is up,Episode 167 is all about mochi mochi mania! This week, Alison interviews Anna Hrachovec, author of the books Knitting Mochimochi and Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. Both of these books are filled with fun, brilliantly imaginative and innovative toys to knit, with the second book focusing on super-small scale toys that can be knit in only an hour or two! These teeny-tiny toys are often only an inch tall and use only a few yards of yarn. Anna chats about how she began knitting, what her creative process is for coming up with ideas, how she translates her ideas into a finished toy and why she is so drawn to knitted toys. She also runs the website and blog, mochimochiland, where you can find more of her designs and read about her weekly design challenge in which she comes up with new and clever tiny toys.


If you love Anna's work as much as we do, don't forget to enter our (Not really) Teeny-Tiny Contest on the KP blog! Leave a comment here before September 6th to be entered to win the grand prize of Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi plus a sampler rainbow of Palette! Plus, there will be several runner up copies of Anna's new book given away as well.

I think a number of us active here have entered. Thanks for the heads up.

In case you missed Podcast Episode 168, Kelley and Alison chat about all of the new and exciting things that have been happening at Knit Picks! Not only did lots of new yarns get new colors (Swish, Wool of the Andes, and Stroll), but there are also a few brand new things as well. First, Kelley and Alison catch up with the new releases for the September catalog, Wool of the Andes Tweed and Wool of the Andes Roving. Next up, Biggo is introduced! Alison shares just how durable this new bulky weight, superwash and nylon yarn really is! Finally, Kelley and Alison annouce the arrival of the Special Reserve line, where extra-special fibers get picked for a limited edition yarn. The first in the Special Reserve line is Sugarbunny, a delightful merino and angora blend that both Kelley and Alison love!


And this week's podcast just went live this morning! In Podcast Episode 169, Kelley talks about how everything old is new again - and if you love learning about the traditions and history of knitting, this episode is for you! It seems that this year, there has been a resurgence of popular and much-loved knitting books that are finally back in print! Kelley shares how learning to spin led her down the path of knitting and the books that passed on endless amounts of techniques and knowledge. Kelley then reviews four of her favorite books that are finally back in print and ready to be enjoyed by a new generation of knitters: Aran Knitting, The Book of Fair Isle Knitting, and Charts for Color Knitting, all of which are by Alice Starmore as well as Knitting Around the Word by Lela Nargi. Finally, Kelley catches up with all of the “distractions” that have been making her such a productive knitter.

Off to download this week!

Podcast 170 is all about the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival took place here in Canby, Oregon! OFFF is one of Alison's favorite fiber festivals and this year, she was able to get Kelley, (who has never attended OFFF before, believe it or not) to join along! Hear all about the different fibers, yarns, animals, and other treats Alison and Kelley discovered at OFFF. Next, Kelley talks about about reworking a pair of socks currently on her needles and shares her own stitch pattern that she created for the socks. Lastly, if you have too much fiber or undyed yarn that you have spun up, Kelley reviews two books on natural dyeing and how you can use what you find in your backyard or kitchen to create unique yarns.


also - just because it is cute and adorable, here is a little video clip I took while at OFFF of two little ram lambs :)

Cute! I was almost expecting your lens to get quick kiss!
This week in Episode 171, it is all about weaving with a rigid heddle loom! Hear all about Kelley's adventures in weaving as she chats with me about weaving and why rigid heddle looms are perfect for anyone interesting in learning to weave. Kelley also shares great advice for new weavers and why rigid heddle weaving is wonderful for using up both larger and smaller amounts of yarn you might have hiding in your stash. Kelley also reviews two of her favorite weaving books along with her favorite tool for planning out projects, the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool. Finally, Kelley catches you up on the projects she is planning out for her road trip.

Thank you so much for such helpful and entertaining podcasts.  I enjoy them so much, I'll give a few of them more than one listen (my favorite is the Sock Blank podcast, followed up closely by gift knitting-related conversations).  I think my favorites are when KP staff come in and discuss new yarn lines, new products/ideas, and share their own experiences.  You all are a likable bunch!


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