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I'm interested in a worsted weight self striping yarn. I love Felici, but don't think I'd make a sweater with it.
With the Felici self-striping yarns, it would be helpful to see the balled yarn (in a closeup) as well as the sample sock. The colors in the balls (in the banner graphic) are more distinct, but it's not easy to match up the colorway to the ball in all cases.

Also - I third the request for bamboo blend yarns. I'd really like to work with them... but am balking at the LYS prices!

Love all the dark browns this fall. :)
We are working on showing more views of the yarns and descriptions of the colors on our website. This will be launched soon.
Just wondered if you would ever consider having a cotton chenelle yarn? I paid a way too much money on a cotton chenelle yarn, of which the brand shall not be named. It did knit up into a beautiful and soft wash cloth. It would be nice if Knitpicks would have cotton chenelle. Thank you very much!
It's cold where I live, and thick socks are nice. How about some self-striping DK-weight yarn? I've found that the thicker all-wool socks don't wear out as fast, but I use reinforcement yarn in the heels and toes anyway. I've used Telemark for socks with good results. I just finished some in Swish DK, but they're for a gift, and I don't know how they'll wear yet. The reinforcement yarn I had was a perfect color and doesn't show up. --Peggy Stuart
A request for yarn suggestion:

I plan to knit an adult hoodie sweater, Twist by Chicknits. The sweater requires worsted weight yarn. The sweater is for my daughter and must be very soft as she doesn't tolerate wool that is scratchy or promotes itching. The yarn must be easy care, non or minimal peeling. I am concerned about alpaca and/or merino wool as they may sag, not hold shape. I eagerly await your yarn suggestions.

Thank you
What about knitting the hoodie out of a cotton blend yarn? Comfy or Main Line (which is currently on clearance) are cotton blends which are lighter than 100% cotton and hold their shape in a sweater really well. Also, you can machine wash and dry Comfy (which is great if this is going to be a hoodie that is going to be worn constantly).

Main Line
Thank you very much. I will check both products online.

Thank you again.
Me and my mom love your yarn especially your Wool of the Andes. I was looking through the colors you have in Palette and noticed you no longer have a true red for sale, I understand that you use to offer a red and would love to see it back. i have been dieing to knit the Colette Pullover and Palette is just the yarn for it.
We are always discontinuing and adding new colors to our yarn lines. Lately, we've been focused on fair isle, so we released lots of heathered colors of Palette, so that you can blend from one color to another. Next fall, we will release even more colors of Palette.
Hello - Any plans to add new "lighter" spring/summer colours to Elegance and Andean Treasure lines (e.g. like discontinued Peach and Wild Rose which were two gorgeous colours in Andean Treasure line). Thank you
I, for one, would be grateful for some "spring/summer" colors in the "winter" yarns. [Perhaps there are those of the reverse position.]

I am very picky about the colors I wear and had "my colors done" 30 years ago. I'm a "spring" which means I look best in "spring" colors... one frustration I've found with KnitPicks is that I often can find no colors... or sometimes only one color... that I like and will look good on me in the "winter" yarns because they are all too dark for me and in shades that are not all that attractive on me. I detest "muddy" or "greyed" colors. I prefer clear, true colors, even if they are dark shades. As a "spring" however, if the shade is too dark, it "washes me out" badly, stripping any natural color from my skin, optically speaking.

I do understand you cannot please everyone all the time, but I'd sure love to see more clear salmon/peach/apricot/mango and butter yellow/cream/ecru/winter white and jade/turq/celery/emerald green colors, for example, in the "winter lineup." I open the catalog in the winter issues and see page and page of colors that don't remotely interest me and "settle" for one or two because I love the KP yarns. I do admit it does keep my stash down, but... really stifles my creativity.


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