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I would guess that something with more "drape" would be better for a flowy, less closely fitted garment, is that correct?
Exactly! For example, alpaca yarn has more "drape" than wool yarn, so you would use it for a flowing cardigan but probably not a fitted ribbed pullover. Cotton has more drape than wool, and all three of these choices would be good for warm-weather, lightweight garments.
Regarding the special Ivy color of Shimmer that you got in by mistake... what a glorious mistake, btw... I would just like to plead, in my best "Charles Dickens" Oliver impersonation.... "More please."

I don't know what you'd have to do to get more of that, or how long it would take, but "if you stock it, we will come"!!! And, while you're at it, if it isn't too much trouble, could we possibly get a few other yarns in that color??? Merino Style and Elegance spring to mind as great candidates for that rich dark green...

It borders on cruel to not get more of it somehow. And we KNOW you are not cruel people! LOL! So, pretty please with marionberry seedless jam on top... would you see what you might do about that? Please? [pouty sad face with just a hint of a tear in the corner]
I don't know if I'm in the right section or not (newbie). I am looking for a substitution for Tahki Cotton Classic in knitting my baby hats and slippers. I checked out the dk cotton/linen yarn on this site--but I don't want it to be "washcloth" type. Has anyone used this for baby items? Thanks for your help.
Yes, this would be the right section. :-)

I have some CotLin but have not used it myself. However, I did a search at Ravelry (if you aren't a member, put your name in for a spot @ [free]) under "knit picks cotlin" and came up with 109 pages (10 projects per page) of things people have made using Knit Picks CotLin.

There ARE a number of "kitchen/bath" projects (wash/face cloths and towels and placemats and marketbags and such), however, there are also lots of baby clothes, kids & adult cardigans/pullovers, fingerless and tipless gloves, hats, kid dresses/coats, etc, and no comments about the yarn being "kitchen yarn." I only looked at the first dozen project pages and only one person didn't like it because it bothered her nose, but nothing about the texture being inappropriate for anyone's purposes.

I'd suggest getting a skein or two to play with and maybe make a baby hat or booties from and seeing if YOU feel it is "kitchen yarn." I doubt that you will, but each of us perceives things differently and I'm not entirely certain what might qualify as "washcloth" yarn for you. I only know that on Ravelry a good portion of the projects I looked at had been used for baby items and there were no negative comments about the yarn being inappropriate for that purpose.

However, if you do, I'd suggest you look at the Shine DK &/or Shine Worsted... incredibly silky-butter-soft machine washable delight-to-work-with yarn that would be quite appropriate for baby items. You won't believe you are holding cotton yarn!!!

Hopefully that helps?
Tahki Cotton Classic is a light worsted and knits to 5 sts/inch. Comfy would be a good substitute. Or Shine Worsted. Or our new organic Simply Cotton Worsted (which is incredibly soft).

Linen yarns feel a little rough or stiff in the skein because you have to apply sizing to them when the linen is wet spun, but they soften dramatically when you wash them and would also work for baby items.
Hello - Any update on adding new "lighter" spring/summer colours to Elegance and Andean Treasure lines (e.g. like discontinued Peach and Wild Rose which were two gorgeous colours in Andean Treasure line).

Other colour option that I also saw others ask for would peach/apricot/mango and butter yellow/cream/ecru/winter white and jade/turquoise/celery/emerald green.

I have serious problems with wearing merino and was delighted to see that you have non-merino options but lately only in dark, muted colours - any plans to change that???

Oh yes please in her color ideas!
I also received your private message and responded to it there.
Thanks for your help...i did sign up for great sight!
Oh, you're welcome! Ravelry is pretty overwhelming at first but I joined the "Help!" group and have asked questions... and will ask more, I'm sure... and just played with things for the last month or so and it is starting to fall into place for me.

I love that I can do a search for a specific brand and yarn and find other projects that people have done with the same yarn! Gives me ideas about what I can do with a given yarn and how other projects in it came out.

Please post photos of your finished baby projects... here and on Ravelry... when you finish them! I'd love to see them! :-)
I would love to some self striping yarns in the worsted weights. There are several applications availble for this type of yarn and KP has nothing that will work - all you can do is buy several different color and do the striping yourself.


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