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Nobody ever mentions it but I LOVE Shamrock! Love, love, love it!!! I also like Gloss a LOT.
I agree, I first used Gloss a few months ago when I started a shawl. I think I'm going to like the way the shawl drapes. Ditto about Imagination. I used it on a baby sweater also and it turned out just right.
I ordered two skeins each of two Imagination colorways and every time I look at them I think of so many things besides socks that they would be perfect for! I didn't think of a baby sweater but I'll bet it's GORGEOUS! You have to post a picture somewhere!
Is Main Line being discontinued? It's my favorite. Just noticed that all the colors seem to be on clearance.
Yes, Main Line is being discontinued. It's a favorite of mine too. All of the colors are on clearance until we sell out of them, so it's a good time to stock up. Also, we will be releasing some new yarns in the spring.
Palette is so nice! (I'm going to start use the Wool of the Andes for my worsted weight but I usually use fingering for most of my work.)

I recently substituted different colors for Knitpicks Chullo pattern. I used shades of purples, lipstick red (a lovely light pinkish red, plus pool and blue and cream) to make a cool toned version of the hat. The Palette yarn is so light, the hat is warm without being stiff or thick. I really like the previous one I made with the kit, and the new color scheme is fun as well. Beautiful stuff, that Palette.
As of yesterday, my favorite KP yarn is Shine Worsted!!! I got a few balls of it to work the Sweater Workshop Sampler. I CO on my stitches, worked the 8 rounds of garter and ten rounds of stockinette... and ripped it all out. That yarn was just TOO nice to "waste" on a Sampler!!!

I had NO IDEA cotton yarn could feel like that! Like whipped butter! It is sinfully soft and decadently smooth! I may have to buy that Lingerie knitting book that Kelley talked about in one of the podcasts because this yarn ought to be worn RIGHT next to the skin! I'm thinking a sleep shirt or cami or something! My husband asked me what I was going to do with it since I'm not using it for the Sampler. "I don't know... maybe I can find a pattern for a knitted bra somewhere?" LOL!
Have you seen Knitting Lingerie Style? It has tons of cute lacy tops and camisoles that could either be worn as sleepwear or as a dressy top over a tank or tshirt. I made the Shaped Lace Tee in Comfy, and I'm just finishing up the Surplice Bodice Camisole in some old stash cotton yarn. Shine would be beautiful in that cami!
I have looked at that book, last night as a matter of fact, and I recently heard Kelley's podcast where she talked about it... I had that book in mind when I thought Shine would make great lingerie. I understand from Kelley's podcast that the book is actually more "lingerie inspired" projects, but that would get me close enough! LOL!

It is on my shopping list! Now... to get through my current que of projects sufficiently to add one more thing to the growing list! LOL!
Well, a lot of them are "lingerie-inspired," but there is a very detailed tutorial and pattern on making your own knitted bras! :)
hmmmm... makes it more enticing, then. :-) I don't know that I'd seriously wear a knitted bra, but, one never knows!
As a newcomer to the world of fine yarns, oh my goodness, and finding out that my tastes run to the more expensive ones, of course, I am finding that there are many differences to the amount of yards in a ball of yarn, and the gram weight. I have seen as low as 78 yards, to 110. How much should be in a 50 gram ball?

Also, if you are freelancing a sweater, afghan or scarf, how do you know how much to buy, when grams and yards are displayed on the sleeve of the yarn?

I see alot about the Wool of the Andes. Is it soft? So far I am partial to alpaca and cashemere, and some merino blends. I have purchased just a skein here, a skein there, just ones that I liked. I would like to start getting more focused on this, and be able to purchase enough to really make something. Any information you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks.


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