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At the moment? You mean.... ;)
Comfy! LOVE IT.
Absolutely love Felici sock yarn - I think I have every color, some enough for two pairs! The feel is wonderful, a treat for your feet. I have also knit several sweaters from Swish, and love that one, too. Thanks Knit Picks for great, but inexpensive yarn!
I love Swish too. and Shimmer. When I first purchased it I have to admit, I was a little skeptical that it would feel as lovely as it does and still be so inexpensive. I was happily surprised!
What's my favorite KP yarn? Well, that depends entirely on the day you ask me! A couple months ago I would have sworn it was Shine. Then the Comfy came out, and that was it, hands down. No question. Comfy had to be the single best yarn that ever was or ever could be. I wanted to knit an entire wardrobe in Comfy (dk weight for the unmentionables, of course). And just when I was about to finish my first Comfy sweater, I stumble across the Swish Bulky. How did I miss that? Where were the banners and parade announcing its arrival? Why didn't someone email about this epic news? I ordered, I swatched, I swooned. I brewed coffee and knit all night. I ordered more before the first sweater was finished. I considered moving closer to the KnitPicks distribution center so I wouldn't have to wait 10 days for delivery. I'm still considering that, actually.

So currently, today, Swish Bulky is my No. 1, with Comfy finishing a very, very close second.
Hi all! - My absolute favorite KP yarn is Shine. I purchased the Victorian and Renaissance samplers, knit up the fingerless mitts from the pattern that was included and I've been hooked ever since! My favorite sock yarn is Imagination, love the colorways, love the names... love EVERYTHING!
Right now, it's Felici, Felici, Felici! I like the way it stripes, but it's the character of the yarn that I like. I'd love it if it were to be available in solid colors.
I really love the lace and fingering weight yarns, and my absolute favorites are the alpaca cloud and the alpaca silk shimmer. I'm really loving the colors of the heather merinos also, and I like the way they knit up so light in a sweater. Almost no weight to them at all. Makes them an easy sweater to have around. I tend to like the natural fibers moreso than the man made blends with the exception of the cotton combos. Theres nothing like a pair of soft wool or cotton socks to make you feel loved.
My absolute favorite yarn from Knit Picks is Ambrosia. A beautiful cashmere blend. I loved working with it and the final results were gorgeous.
I'm not finding it in your catalog now, I'm hoping it's not gone for good.
I love Swish too. It's so velvety soft I can hardly believe it's 100% wool! Also, I love Andean Treasure for snuggly gloves and hats and things like that, and Alpaca Cloud for lace.
Shine and Crayon --- I love pima cotton.

Also Gloss and Merino Style and Elegance........
I used Telemark yarn for a twined knitted cap, and Knitpiks essecials for socks. I love knitpicks yarn.
Unfourtnaly they don't ship to overseases.
I love KP yarn and don't have one favorite but I am currently head-over-heels infatuated with the Imagination sock yarn!


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