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I've make 4 shawls with Shimmer and they're wonderful. I made 6 fingerless gloves with Gloss and everyone loves them. Every thing you have is wonderful.
Which patterns did you use for the shawls?
It's a toss-up between Swish and Shine, for me. I've made several sweaters out of Shine, and I love the soft, cool, non-wool feeling of it, AND the fabulous washability. It's my go-to yarn for baby projects for those very reasons; easy to wash, and wool-free (just in case the little ones are sensitive!).

Then again, it's hard to beat Swish. It's definitely the softest superwash I've ever worked with, and it really stands up to the hype; it truly does get softer with each wash - and gets that "melty" look of a well-loved sweater.

I just ordered some Andean Silk - and I've yet to try the CotLin, so my opinion is subject to change :)
I love Felici sock yarn. You can't get a softer yarn for the price.
I'm really enjoying knitting with Felici right now. It feels good to knit, and the colors are beautiful.
It has got to be Wool of the Andes DK - I made a pair of wristers and I LOVE them!!
So far I have loved all the yarns I got from Knit Picks, but Shine worsted has got to be my favorite. It is a pleasure to knit with and the garments come out so soft.
My favorite KnitPicks yarn is whatever I'm working on at the moment. I just ordered ivory Comfy (for the Fan Kimono in Vicki Square's Knit Kimono book) and iris heather Alpaca Cloud (for a Eugen Beugler diagonally-knit rectangular stole from the Knitters Magazine shawl book), so they'll be my favorites as soon as they get here.

But really, the Bare line deserves special mention. It's really great to have such a lovely assortment of ready-to-dye yarns in any weight you could ask for, superwash or non, at such great prices. Knowing that you haven't broken the bank on the yarn makes it easier to take the risk of dyeing it.

I also appreciate all of the heather colors in so many of your lines, and the muted palette in your cotton-based yarns.
Hear hear on the Bare! Not only is it awesome for dyeing, but even just plain it is wonderful to have on hand. The Wool of the Andes bare is so soft!
Essential and Felici are my faves. I love the feel of them -- sooo soft and machine washable/dryable too! Best of both worlds :-)
I love Cotlin. I made myself a sleeveless sweater last summer and wore it bunches. I've used it as a vest during all the coldest times. It has washed beautifully, plus it has a luscious drape.

I enjoy using Shine and Shine Sport as well, and I want to try the new Comfy yarn soon.
Every Knit Pick yarn I have used is very special You can't find anything else out there that compares -- especially for the price.

I've used a lot of Palette for socks. Wool of the Andes Bulky knits up for distinct for a pattern that it is beautiful. I'm knitting a summer sweater and a baby blanket out of Crayon and they are really beautiful. I can't wait to try Comfy - it looks beautiful.


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