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I like swish. Mostly I like the saying the name. Swishhhhh
I Loveeeeeee TWIRL the Veryyy Softest but Soooo COZY to Wear!! Twirl is sooo Versatile can be Used for Everything from Quick Baby Items to Adult Ski/Outdoor Wear !!! Sweaters/Hats/Mittens/Coats !!! Bulky Wool of the Andes is Nice but just Doesnt have the Same Look & Feel of Twirl ...and did I forget how Inexpensive it is from KP's ???? Huge Bang for the Buck when you could Easily Pay $15. To $26. dollars a Hank for it Elsewhere !!! Wow @ $3.99 a Hank KP's Price Need I say more ???
Me too! I like Swish and Essential best, mainly because they are so easy to wash. I think I'm going to love knitting with Comfy too, once it comes in.
Yes, now that I've seen Comfy, I've changed my mind. Comfy is definitely my new favorite yarn. It's soo soft, and I love every color.
In what projects have you enjoyed Comfy Angela? Mostly sweaters?
I love Essential--my socks are soo comfy-not easy to find great quality sock yarn at these prices.
I love Cotlin. It's a wonderful yarn for warmer climate sweaters--very elegant look, crisp stitches, and gorgeous colors. I'm really looking forward to the new Gloss Lace as well. Actually, I've used so many of your yarns and never been disappointed. It's really hard to pick a favorite.
Felici Self Striping Sock Yarn is wonderful to knit with and wear!
I love that self stripping yarn to, never have to cut the yarn, just make nice socks, every one I make the socks for love them, what more can you ask for, Irene
Does alpaca cloud felt. I notice there is a little nylon in it. I would like to use it for a felting project.
Cotlin is AWESOME!! I want to play in it. Also love dying the bare.
Alpaca Cloud will felt, but not very evenly (like most alpaca yarn). It's spun more tightly than wool yarn, so you might get places that won't felt up at all while the others are super-felted. You could test swatch it and play with your gauge to see what kinds of effects you can get, though.
Anything alpaca. Andean Treasure, Andean Silk, Alpaca Cloud, Elegance - if it's Alpaca, I love it! If I could, I'd make everything in the world out of Andean Treasure. But, for practicality's sake, I'd say Swish is my favorite. It's such a great all-seasons wool, comes in great colors, and I can wash it - perfect! It is so soft that it's easy to forget it's wool. It shows textures well, wears well, and is so versatile. There's just not enough good stuff I can say about it. :)


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