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I love the lace weight yarns, I can't get enough of them. I am very happy to see more lace weight in solid colors. I especially love the blends with silk in them.
I use Wool of the Andes for all my felted hats. My favorite color was Iris and it mysteriously vanished . :( Tulip is the closest, but just isn't as gorgeous as Iris was. Oh well - lots of other nice colors. I wish I hadn't sold the only two Iris colored hats I've made - one went all the way to Mexico!
Gloss fingering. I don't use it for socks, I've used it for a few pair of lace fingerless mitts. One based on the repeat in the Fawkes sock, by Gigi Silva, and a few from the Knitty pattern Spirogyra. It knits up so nicely, and just feels good thru the whole process, and then when you are done, they *are* silk, so they feel wonderful. I just wish they were wash/dryable.
I love the Wool of the Andes the best. It's strong and durable, I knit my winter sweaters with WOTA. and I'm learning how to felt, so it's great for felting.
Another favorite is Suri Dream. I like to knit afghans with Suri Dream. They are so light and keep me so warm at night.
Knit Picks shine

hi all--I started knitting a baby blanket for my new grandaughter--didn't order enough Shine from Knitpicks--and the pattern I picked eats up yarn like crazy.

I'm looking for 14 more skeins--if anyone has a giant stash--dye lot 3736--but that's probably impossible --let me know and I'll buy or trade--thanks, Zoe

ps--I'm travelling back from vacation so won't be checking in every day.
oops--forgot to say--the color is grass--Zoe
Hi all! I'm mainly a "lurker" around here (I'm still kind of a beginning knitter although you wouldn't know it by the amount of money I manage to spend at this place! Hee hee hee!) - but when I saw this discussion I had to add my two cents.... I recently finished my second-ever pair of socks using Swish Worsted and I LOVE THAT YARN. It is the softest ever and has beautiful stitch definition; I knit them in the Clematis Heather (which is even lovelier than in the photo) and my socks turned out beautifully. I'm experimenting with some other KnitPick Yarns (or will be, when my order arrived) but I'm thinking that Swish Worsted will always be a favorite!
Caffeinated, did you have to adjust the pattern for the socks when using worsted? Did you adjust the needle size too? I don't suppose you'd share a picture of the socks with us would you?
I am starting to enjoy Essential sock yarn very much. It is very soft and cushiony. It is good to make socks for work as well as walking.
tell of a easy sock pattern ;what brand yawn &needles should i get;;PLEASE HELP ME;;
Knitter's Review, has great instructions on sock knitting, step by step. Type in how to after you log in, I just love the instructions and it sure helped me to learn how to knit socks, I like the 56 stitch 56 row sock,easy and looks good with self stripping yarns. Irene
I saw the post about the new Imagination sock yarn coming out today so I kept looking and looking and there it is! But I didn't know there were going to be new Essential colors too!

You make it so difficult for me to keep my sock stash under control -- my yarn bin is overflowing. I'll have to knit faster :-)

Thank you so much for all the great new colors for Essential and the new Imagination yarn too--I'm loving them already. Can't wait to shop!


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