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Thanks again Susan, the pattern is easy and fun especially when using the hand paints and watching the colors changes flow.
it was suggested by peggy that i use swish dk instead of the yarn my pattern called for and i am very happy to say i love this yarn the colour petal is really beautiful and it is so very soft perfect for the childs cardigan i am knitting and when i knit my gauge swatch it came out perfect
swish dk is my most favorite yarn at the moment great to work with
i can't say enough about it
I love Palette! I love to play with Fair Isle and make goodies for my little people with it! It's very economical, as well, so that's fun!
My favorite is Pallette, both because of it's being wool and because of all those beautiiful colors!
The Pallette is wonderful, so many colors to choose from and mix and match. and the fact that it is wool makes it special, Irene
Just finished creating the Carousel Gauntlets pattern with KnitPicks Telemark. They are reversible fitted fingerless gloves knit with short rows. I'm super pleased with the result!!!! I put the pattern on Ravelry and Seaside Knitting Patterns.

Hi All and Happy Saturday,

I wasn't quite sure where to post this question, but since it's yarn-related and happy, I thought this category might fit. :o)

I make a basket or two each year for a silent auction that raises money for my daughter's choir. This year I'd like to make something other than my usual baked goods collection, and my thoughts went to yarn. I noticed Knitpicks has a great sale going on with samplers and figured they might make a cute basket.

The question is...will a gift basket of beautiful yarn attract enough people to get bidders? Yarn isn't exactly as general as cookies and brownies. On the other hand, I'm quickly learning how addictive it is to those who work with it :oD , so all I would probably need are two or three knitters in the estimated turnout of 200+ people. (Plus...let's be honest...not ALL of the yarn will make it into the gift basket...ha.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Think it's a good idea? I know I'd be thrilled if I saw something like that. On the other hand, is yarn simply too hobby-specific to perform well as a gift basket at an auction?

Thanks so much. Hope you're all having a great weekend!

I can't speak for everyone, but if I were given the opportunity to bid on a gift basket full of Knit Picks yarn, I would have trouble keeping my bid low enough to fit my budget. --S
Heh...I'd be on that list too. :o) I can't help but think it would be fun to put together, and it would be even more fun to be someone who knits or crochets to see something like that on an auction table.

I've always been pretty good at figuring out what appeals to people. A yarn gift basket is a little on the iffy side only because it's a very specific interest, but I think it would be a blast to offer. I see knitters here and there in the community doing their thing, so the chances of me getting one or two at the auction are decent enough.

I suppose that if it goes absolutely nowhere, and no one bids on it, I can just take the yarn home. The choir director isn't going to want it (and if he does, I'll have to wrestle him for it :oD ).
I also make baskets for an acution we hold at our school. One year I made a tea cozy but instead of putting it in the basket I bought enough yarn for someone to make the cozy, added the pattern to the basket with an assortment of tea and a dozen cute cookies and the basket went for over $200 dollars. I left the cozy that I made sitting next to the basket to be handled and looked over, and since my cozy was on an existing tea pot with a note that said "for display only", there were no questions asked. I didn't want people to assume that MY knit cozy was part of the basket. It cost me $22 to put the basket together not counting the cookies I baked.

Good luck. I think it's a great idea.
Debbi, what a great basket! And over $200?! Holy cow, that's encouraging. :o)
I've used Crayon for many items for my grandchildren. Love the light weight and softness, but it's very warm because of the loopy loft. The colors are bright and happy for children as well. Cotlin makes beautiful lacey sweaters that drape nicely and are good for seasonal crossovers. Have just ordered the new Stroll yarn, and also love the City Tweeds for very warm sweaters. Let's face it: I'm a yarn junkie and have been delighted with every KP yarn I've used...and those I've yet to use that are stashed on shelves, in cedar chests and baskets everywhere in the house.


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