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I love them! I love that you can go back to them for a quick referance (just to be sure I have a tecnique down). Under the topic of Finishes, I would like to see a video on picot edges like the top edge of a sock hem... using the cable of "Options" of course! :-)
Wow!!! I was finally able to view the videos on Continental Knitting and Purling, and the speed knitting. I tried it on my current project using a bulky yarn, and it was OK, but still a little clumsy. Once I finished that project last night, I picked up a second project with a less bulky yarn (still on fairly large needles) and IT WORKED!!!!! My husband was watching me and asked what I was doing -- he knew it looked different than my usual knitting, so I explained the difference and showed him both styles. Even he realized how much faster the Continental is. I may actually get my Christmas projects finished in time after all. Thank you Knit Picks.
Thank you so much for posting videos! I am a visual learner and watching the videos has been so much easier then trying to figure it out from a book. On my second attempt I made a really wonderful easy peasy hat. I really appreciate the pointers and how simple the directions were.
Hi! I tried making a hat with the video instruction but my brim kept coming out floppy like a sun hat. I used 80 stitches for a 21 inch hat on a 19 inch circular needle. Any suggestions as to why this is happening?
You could check that your gauge is correct. You could cast on fewer stitches or go down a needle size to make the hat more snug.
My daughter and I are beginning the Line by Line Mittens and Gloves pattern and I wanted to watch Kelley's mitten instruction videos. My daughter will especially benefit from seeing them. But I can only find the introduction under the video tutorial. If I go to YouTube and search I find them, but they are not all together or in order. Should I look somewhere else on your site?

By watching just the cast on segments (off of YouTube) I already learned something to help my ribbing!! Thanks Kelley for your great advice.

I can't find the PDF that accompanies the How To Knit a Sweater videos. Where is it??
The pdf's are in the individual blog posts by Nina, each week... She posts on Wednesday, so go back on the Staff blog to find them.
I simply cannot find it. Took me forever to find the videos on a sweater. Too much pain killer I guess.
Where is that PDF??

Thanks. Marty
Ok, Marty, I had to go back a way to find this link... this is the "Class" Page, All of the lessons are there, videos, and in each lesson, is the link to the pdfs... Hope this helps! ♥s
Got it. Thanks Susan. I printed them out AND tried to save them in my bookmarks. Why was this so hard for ME to find all by my self?? You came to the rescue, as usual.

No problem... that is what friends are for... hope you are doing well. I've been thinking about you! ♥s


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