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Has there been any more talk about adding captions to the videos for deaf/hard-of-hearing customers?
Well, you already know I just contacted Alison about this, but I thought I would let everyone else know. I really think we should all get behind this and support this.
Awesome. I also have sent a message to Alison that I have forwarded to you, Peggy Stuart, and Susan (Susan the Blue Lake Knitter).
I would like to have a video series on knitting gloves with fingers.  I loved the mitten series and am ready for gloves now.
Diane, there have been some changes at KP lately and they are having to put new videos on the back burner for right now. At least that's my understanding. Let us know if we can be of help.
You're right, Cheryl. When I received a message from a staff member regarding a message I sent her, she did state that they had to cut back on videos and podcasts, for now . . .
Thanks for confirming that for Diane.
No problem.
Thank you Cheryl for the info.  I hope all is well with the company and new employees to replace those that left are on the horizon.  I love the video classes and podcasts.  I miss not having new ones to listen to.

There are several others out there you might want to check out. The Knit Wits is extremely witty.

Brian, you might want to contact them to see if they might do some transcripts. This is a couple who has adopted 2 little girls after fostering many. I think the oldest little girl [I think 7] had speech problems so they used sign language when she was younger. They might be geared towards doing something for the deaf and h/h community. Your wife might enjoy listening to them. The wife is a knitter and spinner and the husband used to have a radio show and does voice overs for movie trailers and commercials. He is a non-knitter so it makes for a good listen.

Will do. Right now I am just so exhausted with no reason why. LOL!
I think for something funny and outside of the box a little bit I should submit a video of my husband's reaction when I wake him up excitedly rejoicing that I have just figured out cables, or kitchener stitch, or have mastered any new skill in my knitting!


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