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I guess I posted my question in the wrong place.  So here it is in the right place, I hope. 

I downloaded a pattern "Hoopskirt Scarf" from KnitPicks.  I know what "P2tog" means, but what does "P2tog-b" mean.

Thanks for your help.


That would be purl 2 together through the back loops.

Hi All,

Does anyone know what changes, if any, need to be taken into consideration if one knits using the Eastern European method? In doing short rows or using an American pattern, for example. Thank you.

YouTube - Eastern European Knitting - The Knit Stitch

YouTube - Eastern European Knitting - The Purl Stitch

Larry, this looks like Continental (carrying the yarn in the left hand) and knitting and purling through the back loop. In fact when I first looked at the knit stitch video, I was wondering why the stitches didn't look twisted. Then when I saw the purl stitches were knit through the back loop also, I realized that since both are done through the back loop, that when the knit stitch is twisted while doing the knit stitch, it was untwisted while doing the purl stitch. So you still have a flat V stitch on the right side of the fabric. So I would think if you are knitting an American pattern and doing a stockinette stitch, as long as you are knitting and purling through the back loops, you will be fine. The problem is I don't know what happens when you might be doing other stitches. For example, I'm not sure how you would do a ktbl (knit through back loop) since you are already knitting through the back loop. Interesting. I think I am going to start a discussion over in the Ask the Fairy Godknitters group.

It's fine posting your questions here, but you might get more of a response if you post them in the Ask the Fairy Godknitters group because I think more people check this group. Just a suggestion. Most people that ask questions there start it as a new discussion.

I added the discussion here. Perhaps some others might know more about the Eastern European style of knitting.

Thank you so much for your response. I was also wondering if my stitches were twisted. I didn't think so since they seemed fine. 

I will looking into the site you suggested. 

Thanks again, Larry

You are more than welcome. We are always looking for new techniques and we love having things from the male perspective. And it is really cool that you picked up the needles again to get your mom interested. My mom taught me as a child. I picked up the needles after she passed away because I didn't want her beautiful Christmas stockings to pass with her. And as soon as I picked it up again, I fell in love with it.

Several months ago I bought the diatom shawl kit.  I started it about a week ago and have a question about the instructions.  It says "knit the first 12 rounds 7 times around"  Is that each round 7 times or knit row 1-12 seven times?

Hi Jennifer,

I looked over this pattern and the beginning of it reads: "Repeat the sts in the first 12 rounds seven times around"

I know the phrasing is only slightly different from what you had, but it makes a big difference here when working from a chart. Essentially in this case, it means you repeat whatever stitches are in the chart for rows 1-12 a total of seven times. This would be how many times you work the repeat to get back to the beginning of your row.

Afterward the first 12 rows, you can see from the chart that the repeat goes from having 8 stitches down to 2 stitches. This is when you start working the repeat stitches 28 times across the row to reach the beginning of your next row.

Hope this helps clear up the pattern a bit, I know the way things are worded in patterns can be tricky sometimes. Every designer has a slightly different way of explaining things, which can be somewhat hard to decipher at times.

Good luck on the shawl!


Anyone knitting the Nikeah Gloves?  There is a problem with the pattern.  I'm doing the medium size and cast on 54.  The directions for the thumb gusset begins with knit 2, marker, Make 1, Knit 1, Make 1, marker, 53 stitchs remain out side the 2 gusset markers.  After the increases have been made you put the 15 gusset stitches  on scrap yarn, then add two stitches to bridge the gap.  The pattern tells you that there should be 56 stitches - there is 55. 53 plus 2.  The designer forgot that 1 stitch is "in" the 15 gusset stitches.    What have others who have knitted this pattern done - refigure the rest of the pattern of add another stitch to the 2 stitches that bridge the gap.  This is a problem with all sizes 



Jerri, I couldn't find Rebecca in the Knit Picks community, so I dropped a message to her on Ravelry. I hope she will respond to your question here. That doesn't mean she isn't a member here, but I couldn't find her login ID for KP.

Hi Cheryl.  I have this pattern and kit as well. If you find an answer, please post it as I haven't started it yet.  Thanks.


I have yet to hear anything back from her, but if I do, I will definitely post it here.


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