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I have a product suggestion (if this should go somewhere else, please let me know): I would love to see lightweight zippered sweater storage bags with one clear side & end, and the rest a lightweight (even non-woven, i.e. spun-bonded) fabric. A local store here used to carry them for $3 for two in a package, but they've stopped. They were PERFECT for storing yarn . . . breathable, yet I could see the yarn in them through the clear end while they were stacked, and they stacked beautifully because they were about four inches thick with nicely squared corners. Three of them fit perfectly in a reusable shopping tote. I wish I had bought more when I had the chance . . . and my stash just keeps growing, no matter how fast I knit! :o)

I can get dimensions of the ones I have, if that would be helpful.
I saw a Zip-loc? product as I was walking through an Ace Hardware a couple of weeks ago which may meet your specifications. I was in a hurry and did not really have time to closely inspect but the 'cases' seemed to be stackable, and possibly perfect for us "Stashers". Hope this helps.

Go here:
I am searching for a pattern I saw about a year ago. Problem is, I don't remember where I saw it. It was a pair of embellished felted slippers. If memory serves me, they were shown in an orange shade with blue intarsia flowers and they were embellished with beads.
I am assuming I saw it in either Interweave Knits or Vogue Knitting, but I could be completely wrong.
Anyone remember these? Thank you!
Hey Faith . . . if nobody here replies (this forum doesn't move much), you might want to go post this over at the Ravelry Patterns forum. There are a lot of people on the Rav forums nearly 24/7, so you're likely to get a much quicker response there. (There's probably a "Felted Slippers" group, too, that would be a great place to ask.)

Have a great day!
Thanks! I'll give it a try.
I am making toe up socks. They are based on the Aurora free pattern but without the cabling. I am up to the heel flap stage but don't understand the instructions. How do the gusset sts get incorporated? It doesn't say to pick up sts as you would from the top down. Where do I decrease to get back to the original number of sts?
Help, I know I could have put this under yarn discussions, but it is such a happy place discussing happy things, I didn't want to muck it up. I have finished my first sweater, steeked it, it all came out wonderful, then the washing and blocking... the water turned black and smelled fowl. SO I kept washing, I changed the water 11 times and the smell remains. A lot of dye came out in the water but it didn't change the color of the wool that much. I also used a fair amount of eucalan soap. Here is the thing, it smells like an 80's perm, and I don't know how to fix it. I used the Wool of the Andes Bulky in pewter. If any one knows how to fix please help. To anyone that reads this and it not aware of Knit Picks, they rock, there needles rocks, there yarn rocks, and this is a fluke.
I am trying to knit the Vinter Lue hat pattern from this site: . For the earflaps it says to cast on 41st and then knit with decreases until it reaches 3 st. This comes to about 12' by 12'r so (with gauge 14/ to 4" with bulky yarn). The ear flap is about one half the size of a hat! Then I am to knit another! The add on 50 more stitches to knit the body. Any help with understanding this pattern would be appreciated.

Thank you,
I am knitting toe up socks. In looking for a pattern and reading several toe-up patterns they all said this was a way to really use every yard of your yarn. I'm not sure why toe up would be any better than top down to get the most out of your yarn. I would think you would have to make sure you only use half on one sock. Could you explain these comments?
With toe up, you can just keep going until your yarn is used up. And yes, you would have to make sure you use half on one sock. I would think that if you were to knit both at once, on circular needles, it would be easier to make sure the yarn was evenly divided.
You can accomplish the same thing by weighing your sock and your remaining yarn separately. The toes can be done with something else if you want. I can get a sock out of a 50 gm ball of sock yarn, no problem. I always do one at a time. It gets too confusing for me otherwise. I've done toe-up and like it just as well as cuff-down. --P
I also prefer to knit one sock at a time. And I use double point needles. I tried it with circular needles, and I didn't like it.


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