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I ordered Learn To Knit Socks and it arrived today. The heel and kitchener instructions mean nothing until I get to that point. I want to use sock/fingerling weight yarn. If I am able to achieve the gauge necessary is it alright to use the yarn? Or do I have to use the sport weight called for in the basic sock pattern?

I am working on a gauge right now with a KP Essential fingerling weight yarn. This is my first pair of socks and since I am having company, who missed her plane and I have to pick up at 8pm, I shall work on this today.

My favorite help instructions are on Knitter's, and Boggie Knits for free sock patterns, the Sock Knitter's page is great also, I was very new at knitting socks when I found these site, sure helped a lot, Knitter's Review, start from the cuff to the toe, I don't know how to knit from the toe up, Irene
I have the Royal yarn ball winder. Last week, I discovered that our new foster pup had discovered a way to get on top of the divider where it was mounted and chewed on the spool (removable center post). As every other part is still perfect, I'm
trying to find a way to contact the manufacturer to obtain a replacement spool. Does anyone still have the paperwork that came with the spool winder? I was hoping that there is contact information for Royal?

I have found instructions for making a new one out of PVC but I'm hoping that it won't come to this.

Thanks in advance.

If you still have the bottom part intact, just use an empty toilet roll core over the spool. If you find that it slips, just use a bit of rubber cut from a latex glove to "stick" it down and keep it from spinning.
Great idea! I do have all the parts. I was toying with the idea of using a hot knife to smooth the worst of the "snags" down and then covering with strapping tape. I'll see how the TP core works first. This method has the advantage of secure temporary storage too. Just squash the tube a little so the yarn can relax while still remaining neatly around the tube.

Am trying to make the tooth fairy pillow but can't get my round to join - what am I doing wrong? First attempt at Magic Loop = maybe should only be trying new method with one ball of yarn! Hope for help soon as granddaughter's tooth is loose!!!! Thanks all!
Am making it now and actually did not get the instructions. A friend from my Nonna KAL rewrote the instructions for me and I made two roots. First time with Magic Loop also, if you want to begin again and make two roots, I will send you her instructions. They worked liked a dream for me!!

Oh yes - please, please ...would love the instructions and appreciate your help! Have been so frustrated with this and am not a novice knitter!

Happy knitting and I'll keep you posted! Thanks again!
Could I get those instructions? I have tried and tried to get this started and my son's tooth is loose! Thank you!
Hi Angela, I know this is an older post but I am trying to make this and it just doesn't make sense. Could you please send me the instructions? I'd really appreciate it! I think you can just upload them too when you post a reply. I am new to this forum so I am trying to figure it all out :)
Hi Knitto04,

Were you able to get some instructions for this? I love magic loop (just taught my mom how to actually) and can help you if you need some assistance!

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I am wanting to make a sweater for Christmas for my son-in-law. It calls for very bulky yarn, 2sts per inch. Can I double strand yarns to make that heavy of a yarn. I can't find the yarn called for or anything in brown that he would want. Please help me.


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