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Ok ladies I have problem. I have just started to learn to knit in the round...currently I an utilizing the magic loop method to knit baby booties...I have no problem executing steps in flat knitting. But when this pattern says M1 and turn, I freeze up. I'm knitting in the round so, I am having a problem visualizing this being done in the round. I don't see a video tutorial about it and I'm just having a fit...somebody please help.....
It sounds like you are at the heel. Just do what the pattern says. Make a stitch AND turn. You will most likely be purling to the next spot where, I am guessing, you will make 1 and turn again. This is making the heel flap. Hope this helps just a little. I have worked with the four and five needle method and also two circulars. I have not done the magic loop, but it has to be much the same. You go girl. I know you can do it!!!
I've not made socks, but I suspect you are right... the pattern is calling for the heel flap at this point, and you will be "knitting flat" for a little bit... trust the instructions, they are probably accurate.

You are also correct that there is no real functional difference between knitting on two circulars or one long circular using Magic Loop... you just have a loop with ML where you would have two more needle points if you are using two circulars. :-)

Some of Cat Borhi's video tutorials may be helpful. There are links to three free videos about heel turns at this site. You may find more Magic Loop Sock knitting help here, and, here.
Thanks so much for the advice and least I could explain where someone understood me...I'm off to tackle this one...
I am new to knitting but am expecting my first grandchild. Can you help me with choosing the best yarn for baby sweaters?

Thank you.
Lucky you! I'll still waiting for grandchild #2, and #1 is 16! The "Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono" from Mason-Dixon Knitting would be my choice for pattern to start with. You can order the book from KP or my library had it. It calls for 2 balls of worsted-weight yarn, Shine, Simply Cotton or Comfy would be good, and size 6 needles (straight are OK).
I am making a fair isle cardigan and plan to use the steek method. I think I'll be Ok with the cutting but I can't find any intructions for picking up the button bands. If I steek, and then pick up for the button band won't the knit warp or unravel ?? My pattern is from Eliz. Zimmermans ' Knitting Around' and doesn't cover this. Can anyone help?? Paula
It's been a while since I knitted complicated patterns, but I was so enchanted by the Shipwreck Shawl featured on that I am trying to learn to use circular needles to make it.

I'm getting there with the technique, but I don't understand the pattern. I'm sure it is my lack of experience that is the problem, not the pattern, but I have a few questions--
1. how do you divide the initial 9 stitches up and still follow the pattern? Am I to be using the double ended needles to start?
2. The author doesn't say when to use what size needles. How do I know when to change needles?
3. Where can I buy reasonably priced size 8 beads? The pattern calls for 5,000.

Thank you to anyone who can help me.
Bobbie You really picked a great shawl. I've admired this, but feel too faint of heart to try it. Maybe one day.

I'll try to answer your concerns.
1. You will be knitting in the round. Dividing the stitches refers to placement of the stitches onto double point needles (dpns). Just continue around the pattern, since you will be working on one side only. Having knit a large project in the round recently, I would recommend using the Magic Loop method. You can use it starting at the very beginning and continue through out the shawl. Knit Picks Options would be great for this, but you would need a long cable, 47 to 60 inches to finish up.
2. After Secction 7, there is a list of when to use which needle sizes.
3. I don't know about "reasonably" priced beads, as I have never used beading on any of my knitted work. You might try the chain craft stores... I know they carry them, but have no idea the cost.

Hope this helps some.
I think Cristi Lael has used beads and tries to be economical. Or try Google.
Thank you so much. It helps if I read the directions. I was trying to start with the Strawberry Pattern and it sure doesn't work that way. Heh, heh... but I learned how to cast on to get the drawn closure (directions on this site were especially helpful) and got the knack of both the double ended needles and now the circular. I am ready to begin Section 4.

Now if I can find beads that I can afford I'll be set. 25 beads for $3 is a bit pricey. At that price, the beads would cost $600 alone. I did find a link to noted in Bethany's blog that might work.
Thanks again everyone for your help.


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