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Hi, I just had a thought as I was browsing this thread, Is it possible Stephanie that you are knitting with interchangeable circs. It could be that one needle tip is one size smaller than the other, a long shot, but one possible solution, Joan
Jo: What a good suggestion. Wouldn't it be nice to be that easy!
That's an idea to consider as well... use a needle gauge/sizer and check both tips. Even if you are using straight needles, depending on the brand, it could be just as easy to have accidentally picked up needles in two different sizes because only a number somewhere would look different, and could be rubbed off or easy to miss. Sizes right next to each other (5mm and 5.5mm, for example) can look identical but be different, and that could cause one row to look fatter.

Another possible clue this has happened could be that one row knits up really easy, but the other seems harder. This might be less noticeable though if you are doing the purling row with one size and the knit row with the other, depending on how you work the stitches.

Since your other work hasn't done this before, it could be that simple. :-)
Wow! I was excited to try this, as I am knitting with interchangeable circs. But alas, no luck. But it did make me think if I did need to knit with 2 different size needles, I could just make each end a different size. Then I wouldn't really even think about it. You are all so great, helping me figure this out. I am going to block the swatch tomorrow, so we'll see what happens!
If you are knitting back and forth, using two different sizes can even out tension. I've not tried it knitting in the round... I do know that if you are using Magic Loop, one side of your work will always be worked one size needle and the other side will always be worked on the other size. :-\

But, try it and see if it changes anything.

Some interesting articles about knitting with mismatched needles:
Stephanie---you might check out the videos on this web site:
It shows how knit and purl are done for either Continental Or English style of knitting. Not knowing what style of knitting you do, these videos might be helpful.
Hmmm. A knitterly friend suggested to me as she watched me knit that I was twisting stitches.. I would rather it be that solution, rather than some funky tendency to knit at different tensions knitting and purling. I am mostly self-taught, so this is highly possible.
I'm a self-taught stitcher too! I twisted my knit stitches for two years before someone told me.
Me three! And when I realized how to do it correctly I was so overwhelmed by how much easier it was to knit normally. And I had all of that extra practice on my ktbl, too! :)
Mystery solved! YAY!
I knit each of my grandsons a sweater vest and the neck will not stretch to get it over their heads. What did I do wrong? How can I fix it? Can it be fixed or do I need to start over?
Thanks for any suggestions/help you can give me.


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