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Very curious. I don't know... I'm fresh out of guesses.

Do you have friendly LYS that might be willing to look at it up close and hazard a guess? Maybe holding it in one's hands might give clues we can't see in the photo?

If it is coming out to gauge and blocks up right, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it, I think. The ridging is mostly going to be on the inside of the vest, and I really think whatever ridging there is on the face of the fabric will block right out... it isn't that pronounced, judging from the photo.

I just can't think of any thing else to check on one of us hasn't mentioned. It is just very odd.
I could be very wrong, but I am wondering if the thread is being thrown wrong when you are purling.
Just a thought.
Betty Bear
Oh... I hadn't thought of that. Any chance, Stephanie, that you are purling differently than before and didn't realize it? I did that once and couldn't figure out why I had twisted stitches. It happens. That's a long shot...

But, your "stockinette face" doesn't look twisted or off, so... hmmmm
Stephanie, if you are twisting stitches on one row, this article will probably help.

Twisted stitches are cool... if you are doing them on purpose and know how you are twisting them. :-)

Here's another article about twisted stitches that gives a better explanation of one way it can happen. (There are others, but this is the basic concept of twisting stitches.)

Just one more idea to explore. :-)
Star: Did you see Jo's suggestion? It can't be that easy, can it? --P
Yeah, actually... it can be just that easy. Or not. LOL! Have you ever knit with two different size needles? It can create a ridged look like that. But, so can twisted stitches depending on how exactly they've gotten twisted.

It could also just be a freaky "no explanation" thing, but I'll never settle for that explanation! LOL! I'm WAY too curious to just let it go. Someday, I may WANT to create that look and I wanna know how she's getting it! LOL!
I know the tension for K and P can be different and can create that effect. The easiest fix is to change the needle size for whichever one is most off gauge, but we all want to knit smoothly, and this kind of thing really shows in stockinette. --P
So if my purl side is "ribbed", then should I go up a size or down for the purl row? I tried working with straight needles, but had the same issue :( I started really thinking about the projects I have done in stockinette. Other than a sweater I tried (it's frogged at the moment due to a need for a different pattern) maybe 2 years ago, I think all my stockinette has been in the round, so I wouldn't have noticed that I had this issue of knitting differently on purl and knit rows. Hmmmm....
Stephanie: No, the purl side is really just the back side of both the purl sts and the knit sts. You need to figure out which row is tighter and which is looser. You may be able to figure it out from your swatch, by seeing where you started, or you may need to make a new swatch. If you use a bigger needle tip on one end and a smaller one on the other for your swatch, it could either solve the problem or make it worse, and then you'll know. --P
Yeah... stockinette shows "all your sins" with knitting! LOL! If there is anything "off" with the way you work either knit or purl individual stitches, the best way to find it is to ss st. :-) Almost any other stitch pattern will mask it in some way.

Tension is often the first thing people struggle with in creating smooth stockinette, but there are lots of potential culprits to consider like twisted stitches and the specific way you are picking up stitches and wrapping the yarn... and other things.
Hi everyone. I just joined this community! I love KnitPick products and prices (but I'd l-o-v-e yarn with more yardage too :-) ). Is this a place I can ask questions about the Chullo Hat instructions? I've been reading before I start and a few things aren't making sense to this novice knitter.
The best place to post Chullo-related questions is under "Pattern Feedback and Questions." You could also send a message to Customer Service and they'll look into it for you!


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