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What exactly is it you are trying to make or do?

If you'll go to the "Learn" tab at the top of this page, there are tutorials and videos of all sorts of basic to advanced knitting skills... chances are excellent that whatever it is you are trying to do, there is either a picture explanation, or a video.

Having no idea what your project is, or what it is you are making one or two of, it will be difficult to know for sure what kind of help it is you need... and we could make it worse if we assume. :-\ If you are not able to find what you need in the learn tab, give us a more detailed explanation of what it is you are doing and need and maybe we can find someone to help you through the process, okay? It'll be okay, don't worry. :-)
Over Increase


While keeping the stitch on the left needle, hook the working yarn on the right needle.

Knit on the same stitch.

Three stitches stand on the stitch. This increases 2 stitches at a time.

Copyright© 2001 Tata & Tatao.

I hope this helps -- Sharon
oops, top three pictures are in reverse order, the instructions are correct. Solly
I'm not familiar with M2 either, though many of my patterns call for M1. Possibly You Knit 2 stitched into the stitch you pick up from below. Wish I could be of more assistance.
I have seen this in patterns before. My instructions said to knit in the front of the stitch like normal, knit in the back of the stitch, and then knit in the front of the stitch again. That was the make two. Hope this helps. It is a little difficult because your stitches start to get really tight in that one stitch.
I've seen that notation also, but it wasn't called make 2. Thanks for the information. We all have learned something today.
Oh, is the increase 2 instruction at the base of a closed loop cable or Celtic knot? I tried to knit the Rogue sweater as a very new knitter, and I had lots of trouble with that increase. Here is a good tutorial that shows you how to make 2 additional stitches from one. Also, Melissa Leapman has a good tutorial in her book Continuous Cables.
Anyone from the Community planning to attend the TKGA Spring Show in May, in Portland, OR???

I'm taking the T100K Creative Lace Knitting class Thursday, 9a-noon and the T203K - Disaster Recover also on Thursday, from 2p-5p.

I'd love to meet up for lunch or dinner with anyone else who plans to be there that day. I would consider coming again one of the other days if there was the chance to meet anyone else here in person?

Please reply by private message at my profile if you plan to go and would like to meet up with me.

I am also hoping to go to the Sock Summit in August... same offer. :-)
Elianastar-----I live in Iowa, so won't be going to any of the workshops. I have taken several workshops from Nancy Bush and love all her books, and Estonian lace patterns.
I know what I am about to ask is off the subject, However I have tried to find an answer to no avail
I found a pattern on the internet:
and have hit a wall on Round 7 (Set-up-round)
If you or anyone could walk me thru this, I would be ever so grateful.
I love to spin, knit and dye my own colorways. My husband calls this corner of our family room, The Sheepbarn.
But this is the place that makes me most happy.
Thank you for listening
Betty from Iowa
Okay... I'm game... I'll take a stab at it. CAVEAT: DO keep in mind... I'm not making this project nor have I ever made this project, so do not replace my judgement for your own if, as you are actually working it, you think it should be done differently... I won't see something you might with the project in hand.

First of all, did you carefully read the paragraph just before "Begin double knit pocket rounds:"? I would encourage you to read the description through several times and try to get a good picture in your head of what it is you are trying to accomplish, and not accomplish, with the next round. You will basically be knitting "two separate" projects on two separate needles that will overlap every so often... it is quite ingenious. :-)

Begin the round with the needles you've already been working with and knit only ten stitches with color2... Then take the second "up to now unused" needles and cast on ten stitches in color1 (this will be your first external pocket)

To secure the bottom of your pockets, you will have to knit this first pocket round with crossover knitting between the two needles to form the pocket fronts while also creating the fabric for the pocket backs... does that make sense?

This first pocket round is the only round where you will use needle2 to knit any stitches off of needle 1. You will knit ten stitches OFF NEEDLE1, using needle2, to form the outside of a pocket. You will then need to REPLACE those ten stitches you "stole" from needle1 by casting on ten new stitches in their place so you have something there to knit the backside of that same pocket. Can you see what you will be doing? It is really cool how they have constructed this. :-)

You can click on and enlarge the photo of the two needles after that first pocket round... do that and study it, before you start and as you work it... you may see things in the photo while you are working that you may not pay any attention to before you start and it can also guide you if what you are doing looks basically the same or not.

So, back to the directions. you will knit ten stitches, just like you would expect you would normally using needle1 but using the new color2 (join new yarn).

On needle2 (empty needle) CO ten stitches using the original color1 (cast on with the yarn you just left off with from the last ten knit stitches)

Using needle2, knit the next ten stitches off of needle1 using color2. (You are "removing" ten stitches from needle one over to needle2.)

One needle1 you will now replace those ten stitches by casting on ten stitches with color1 then knit the next ten stitches already on needle1 with color2

On needle1, knit the next ten stitches with the same needle using color2

Then you will repeat this process until you have knit 8 sets of ten stitches off of needle1 onto needle to (crossover) and started 8 pockets (CO)

After that, the only thing I think I understand is that In subsequent rows, you will cross color1 and color 2 between the two needles, at each side of the pockets... if I'm understanding this correctly... to secure the pockets as you go, and eliminate any sewing after, while working both the front and back of the pockets as you go around.

From here... I get lost... I understand from looking at the pictures what it is the instructions are trying to create, but I am completely confused about it all works out.

AGAIN... I've never worked this design and am not working it now, so I may not have a clue what is actually going on here. This is just my best guess... if it works right, YAY... if it doesn't... sorry. :-)

I do know this from working the Sweater Workshop Sampler... lots of times, the problem is not the directions but my preconception of what the directions are telling me to do. If you get "ahead of the directions" you can foul yourself up because you've assumed things that aren't there. :-\

It is helpful if you have an understanding of where it is you are trying to get to, but the actual getting there, you just have to break down the directions to as close to "stitch by stitch" segments as you can and just do what is actually written... you have to lend a certain degree of trust to the designer that she knows something you don't yet.

And don't be afraid to "make it work" however you need to... it is your bag and you can do it however you want! LOL!
Thank you Elianastar,
I plan to have another wack at it later today. I think my main problem is how to carry the yarns.
I am thinking Intarsia. I tried knitting this thing a different way last night, but no luck.
I am very good at ripping out. Also very stubborn. Will keep trying and will let you know if I am still standing.
Intarsia is what it sounds like they do to "seam" the pockets as you go. I love the way it looks and can see what they are trying to accomplish from the photos... the directions are just confusing. I understand why you need to do the cast ons onto one of the needles, but I don't understand why you need to do them again on the other needle. I think you just have to DO it rather than try to puzzle it out in your head...

Good luck! I'm like you, I don't give up easily if I really want it! If all else fails, I figure out my OWN way to get it done! LOL!


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