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I did a quick search, and I turned up a few companies online who do this:

I haven't used any of these services, though, so I won't be able to give you any feedback on them.
Thank you for the info. I did order from namemaker, will see what the products look like when they arrive and will post feedback. Although I've not purchased this type if thing before, the pricing did not seem extreme.
If cost is an issue (cost is a big issue with me!), you can make some with little difficulty. I made up some labels on Open Office Draw and printed it on iron-on transfer paper from my local office supply store; then all you need to do is iron the sheet onto your fabric of choice and cut your labels apart. It doesn't look as professional, but if you are able to sew you can finish them off nicely.
I 've used namemaker twice wasn't very satisfied......

the first time, labels were sent to wrong address which I just chalked up to a bad day in the shipping room ~ I did have to wait quite awhile for the 2nd batch to arrive but they came.

the 2nd time the labels I received were not what I expected.....the samples on their website didn't seem to be representative of the actual product.

In all fairness to the company, they very kindly offered a 15% off next order. I probably will not use them again and haven't done any further research - I do know that there are some available on Etsy.

I've also made my own labels on transfer paper - in fact, I liked my own better. LOL!
Thanks for that review. I've decided I'll make my own too.
I have bought some labels at Hancock Fabrics that just say "Handmade with Love". I think they can also order specially for you with your name.
Yeah... I've got a bunch like that I've used for gifts I've made sewing and in other craft forms. But, somewhere in the past, I saw small fabric labels that said "Handwash/Dry Flat" and now I can't find them anywhere. That's really all I'm looking for but can't seem to find. I'm making my own with permanent fabric markers and satin faced ribbon for the time being. Thanks for trying though. :-)
I've seen them in our local fabric stores and also in Herrshners needlework catalog.
Patternworks has added labels to their inventory (I saw it in today's emailed newsletter).
Ten for $8.99, 3 styles that I can see at
Walmart used to carry several different ones, but they have all downsized or completely gotten rid of their craft departments.
Joanns , hancocks and hobby lobby used to carry them as well.
What a shame Walmart has downsized, small towns to often depend on them for crafts,where I live they are the only place, easier to order on line, guess they don't think it is important if it does not make money.Irene
I bought some labels that just say somthing like "Handmade with Love" but generic, no name included. I think I found them at Hancock Fabrics and I also believe they had the option to order special for you with whatever you want on it. Just a thought. I don't know if there is a Hancock near you, but the web address is


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