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A yarn winder is a must. Knitpicks has a new one that is very reasonable. I don't have a swift yet, but I just wrap the hank around my little boy and put him on the spinny stool and we have a ball going around and around and around......gulp
I would choose a swift before a ball winder, myself. Kelsy bought a ball winder a couple years ago but doesn't know where the thing to attach it to a table is... although I don't know how hard it would be to use it without it.

But, I don't mind hand winding a ball of yarn nearly as much as I mind getting out of the hank... if I had to choose one over the other, I'd take the swift without a second's thought. I use my knees now, but a swift would be great.

I saw someone over at Rav that said she sits her son on a spinning chair with the yarn and then spin the chair to wind up the yarn. Sounds like a great idea, but I don't know many kids that would sit still long enough to wind up too many at one time...

Make sure the child hasn't eaten anything lately either!!!

Good suggestion!

Help! I need someone to walk me through putting my picture on my page. I've tried and tried and so far, no luck. Hope to hear from someone.......
No problem. First, make sure that the photo that you want to upload isn't a really large file - if your file is too big, the system might time out while uploading. A good size to shoot for is between 50k and 250k. There are a bunch of different programs that will help you resize your photo, like Microsoft Image Resizer or Shrinkpictures.

Next, go to your "My Settings" section (in the upper right, under where it says "Hello, UserName!"). Click on the picture next to where it says "Your Photo" and and then choose "Upload an image from your computer."
Thank you, "Knit Picks Admin". However, I still don't have my picture on MY PAGE. I keep trying but it just doesn't work. How can I tell the size of the photo I'm trying to upload. I do everything, just as instructed but only end up with that darling little sheep knitting away. Boy, there are lot's of her and her sisters that are members!!!!
On your computer, find the picture that you'd like to use. Right click on the file and go to "Properties." Look at the field called "Size" and it'll give you the size of the picture.

Also, you should make sure that you're running the most current version of your browser. If you go to the "Help" menu and then choose "About," it will tell you what version you're running. Internet Explorer should be version 7, and Firefox should be version

Hope this helps!
Can we search members by geographic location? Or maybe a 30-mile radius of our ZIP code or something similar?
That would be a great feature--even the same state would be nice.
hey, I just discovered if you type the name of a state in the search box on the knitters page, it will bring up all the knitters that list that state. Cool! Maybe there's even more possibilities.
Does anyone know where to obtain labels to place in pieces that we knit? I used to know a seamstress that put labels saying "Handmade by_______". Have been unable to locate a source.


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