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Okay....I'm resisting, trying really hard to, anyway.  =) (RE: 'mover' )

So, yes, in your case, Ravelry and notes boxes on KP would come in really handy! =)  I'm a 'hard copy' person myself, so I have planners for everything, and cute pages to make them with that I get online.

In Germany, they mowed the grass with sheep. Each flock requires a dog or 2 and a shepherd. They mowed the grass along the Autobahn. That was 50 years ago!!

Marty, my experience on the Autobahn was a trip during Octoberfest. A friend made all the arrangements. He found it cheaper to fly into Frankfort and renting a car to drive to Munich. When we arrived in Frankfurt, we found that he and his girlfriend did not bring their driver's license. This meant my DH and I had to do all the driving. The traffic was awful. We flew down the Autobahn for about 20 minutes. Then came to a traffic jam. A dead stop. For two hours. Then flew down the Autobahn for about 20 minutes. Dead stop for about 2 hours. This went on all the way to Munich. We didn't arrive until extremely late in the day and too late to go to Octoberfest.

Got up early the next day. Our friend decided we should drive by Neuschwanstein Castle. You know, the one the Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle is based on. No need to go on and on because again we would be stopped for hours on the road. Somehow we ended up having lunch in Austria. We didn't even know we were in Austria. We never made it to the castle and we never made it to Octoberfest. Before we could get to Octoberfest, they were having riots because they ran out of beer. Instead we spent our time at the Hofbrauhaus. Although we didn't make it to our final destination it was a terrific trip with tons of laughter. We never let our friend forget that trip.


You went to Settings, Profile, and clicked on Change by your email? And then saved it? Try sending a message to Jenny to see if she can help.

Did you scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Save Changes' button??  You have to do this to make the changes permenant.
I need help to get my knitting enthusiasm and confidence back! After a succession of FAILURES I so desperately need a good, reliable, nice pattern suggestion that will prevent me from hanging up my circular needles for good! Any ideas? My eyes glaze over when I look thru the huge amount of patterns available and I am reluctant to try anything due to mistakes in patterns I have been finding. I can't knit anything too complicated!
What kind of pattern are you looking for??  Something for you?  For a child?  Hat? Sock?  There are lots of quick easy ones out there, just need to know what would appeal to you.

I have a question.  I have made several sweaters, hand washed them, air dried, and they come out fine.  I also know that a friend of mine takes her sweaters to the dry cleaners for she does not have the time for hand washing and drying.

Question is, has anyone erer tried that Dryel?? It is sold in alot of grocery stores, and it is supposed to be where you dry clean your wool items in your dryer.  The washer is not involved, but it is supposed to save monies by not taking your stuff to the dry cleaners.

I have worked with wool for many years.  The only way I would clean a wool item is to use Eucalan.  I buy it at any knitting shop.

To wash a wool item----I fill my washer with very warm water.  Add two caps of Eucalan.  Place the wool item in and let it SOAK for 15 or 20 minutes.  DO NOT LET THE WASHER AGITATE.  This would FELT the WOOL>

After soaking time-----turn the washer to SPIN.  You DO NOT RINSE the item---it stays in the wool item and helps to  keep it from moths. 

  AIR    Dry item by laying on a towel or a sheet

Thank you very much betty bear.  I am going to try that. 


 I have a friend who uses the dryel and she says she puts her sweaters in a bag with this special dryel sheet, puts the bag in the dryer for x amount of minutes on either low heat or fluff dry, and that is it.


I will have to see if I can find any Eucalan.  I just love my new cable sweaters and knowing me i will probably mess them up.

Hi Everyone!


Was wondering if anyone had knit the Adagio Sweater vest pattern? If so, I have a question regarding wording. Under "Finishing" for the Armband it states: With RS facing, begin at center of underarm sts. Use smallest 16" circular needle or dpns to PU and knit 1 st in each BO st and 4 sts for every 5 rws.

My question is, besides that I need a multiple of 3, which it states later in the paragraph, does this mean that I am PU a stitch for every BO stitch AND 1 st for every 4 rows .... of the sweater? of the armhole? that I encounter as I pick up stitches? I'm guessing here, now!  LOL

Any help/suggestions would be most appreciated, as always!





cold meds and knitting are NOT 2 great things that go great together......  :(

Hmm, I would take that to mean pick up and knit into bound off stitches, making sure you get 4 sts picked up for every knitted row?

Your best bet might be to contact the designer for further clarification. Are you on ravelry at all? Her username is beatknitter. Or on her website contact info, you can email her directly at frarydesigns at gmail dot com.

Hope this helps, everyone writes patterns a bit differently which can lead to a lot of confusion on phrasing - happens to me all the time!

Good luck!


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