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Hi Catrina,


I think washing it and trying out the advice from Cheryl's link that she posted might be your best bet, unfortunately. My friend once had dr. pepper spill in her knitting bag and it stained the silk yarn that she was knitting a project with. Soaking it made it better, but there were still stains that were noticeable. She ended up overdying the yarn in the end, something you could also do if you are feeling adventurous :)



Excellent advice! Overdying is always a possibility.

Catrina, you may want to try the children's detergent "Dreft", or even "Biz" bleach (a non chlorine bleach).  I used to use Dreft all the time when my kids were very young.  It was great at removing stains and not harsh on the clothing at all.  As for the Biz Bleach - an antique linens dealer suggested that to my sister as a gentle way to remove stains from very old linens.  I have also found that to be fairly gentle.  Hope you are successful in removing the coffee stain. 

There is a commercail stain remover product called Folex that is very gentle, but very good at removing stains.  I have used it to take coffee stains out of the carpet.  Natural fibers are harder to remove stains from, though. 
Also, I have found homemade soap to be a successful stain remover, if you have or can find some that has no colorant in it.  It took Jello out of a white blouse of one of my daughters.  Just wet the bar of soap and rub it into the dry fiber. Then wet the fiber and gently rub between your fingers.  It could take more than one application of anything you try,  and it could take a combination of removers to completely take out the stain.
We can always depend on you for such great advice. And it is so nice to finally have a face with a name!
thanks everyone for your help with the soleado bag pattern.  i finally realized that a linen stitch was being done.  The pattern only says to place yarn in front when slipping stitches.  It doesn't say to put it in back when slipping stitches on a purl row.
I would like to change my user name
Didn't realize my first and last name would appear.
Can you tell me how to change it?
Go to your 'settings' page.  (You can get to that from the box at the top right of the page you are on.)  On this 'settings' page will be a box titled 'Full Name' and it will show your name as it is currently listed.  Change it to whatever you want it to appear as on the site, then scroll down the page to the purple 'save' box at the bottom right corner and click on that to save the changes you made.
I am afraid of Gage.  Help I just bought a bunch of book and I feel like giving up.  

Oh goodness, I hope I can remember all the things I said. I couldn't get the link button to work. Then when I clicked reply, the link came up but everything else I typed was gone. So let's see if I can say something close to what I said before.

Susanne, gauge is important if you are doing a garment or want your project to be a certain size. Many of us hate doing gauge swatches, including myself, but we also know when it is important to do one.

You might want to look at some of the knitalongs. You will find lots of wonderful knitter in the knitalongs who can be very helpful. It is easier for us to help if we have a more specific question. Please give us a try before you give up. Either go to the top of the page where it says Meet and Share and click on knitalongs or click here

Hi Suzanne!


We actually just did an entire podcast on gauge! You can listen to it here, that might help a bit :)




ETA: Good idea, cheryl! The Learn to Knit KAL might be useful too.

Hello there everyone. I am still hanging out here in VA. Hope you are all well. My problem: I have a summer sleeveless tank with straps which curl very annoyingly. I would like to cure this problem. Does anyone have a solution. I have thought of ironing very stiff interfacing on the wrong side of each strap. Any better suggestions? Thank you very much. Angela


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