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OK Wendy can you give me a visual? Please?

Sure, it's not the greatest picture, but I hope it helps.  I only put them in this when they are sitting for a while, which is what they've been doing for the past month - lol. 

I almost embarrassed to ask this question!  Is it possible or indeed advisable, to machine stitch pieces of knitting together??  I seem to have read or heard this idea somewhere.  I am knitting a bag (almost complete) which I will line.  I was thinking this afternoon that it would possibly be a lot stronger if it were machined together on the wrong side.  Has anyone done this before and did it work out??!

There is no reason to be embarrassed to ask such a question. How can you find the answer if you don't ask? IMO I would stitch it together by hand. When I feel I need extra support I will line my bag with upholster fabric. I will also use a cotton webbing around the top of the bag and attach the handle to the webbing. Click here for an example on how I lined a bag.

But I don't see why you couldn't stitch it on the machine. I mean commercially produced items are often machine stitched together. I would think you just need to be sure to use a stitch that will stretch some.

Thank you Cheryl!  You have given me an idea for the handle.  I  think I will incorporate some webbing inside the handle before a stitch it together.  It is supposed to be long but I am going to make it a little shorter.  I have used Wool of the Andes worsted.  I just think it may give a little more strength.  I might just have a go at machining the fabric!  And I might use some buttonhole thread which is a little stronger - I believe!
Yes, I did use heavy duty thread also.
You might also want to use some buckram or I think it's called tim-tuck (tim-tech???) to give the bag extra strength.  I've not used it before, but a few months ago another knitter was talking to me about using this for bags.  I think quilters use it.  You may want to ask Peggy. I hope you're going to post pictures :o)

Hi!  I need help!  I am a fairly new knitter...I've successfully completed scarves and socks and have decided to attempt my first sweater!  I brought the Knit Picks Kit: "Roll Edge Cardigan" by Anne Druce Hoffman.  I have been doing great until I got to the shaping wrap stitches for the first saddle.  I don't understand what I am supposed to wind up with.  The directions after the second saddle says to "seam together the two groups of bound off back saddle stitches"....however, after finishing the first saddle, all the stitches for the shaping section are stitched to the collar, and I lost the continuity of the K2P2 fabric?  Am I supposed to have stitches left on the needle for the first saddle after completing it or am I supposed to bind-off all the stitches for the first saddle before beginning the second saddle?

I am not sure I am explaining my predicament and confusion well enough....can someone guide me?

Fanny, I don't have that kit so I can't be of much help yet. I just ordered the pattern. I'll let you know as soon as I look at the pattern. But did you see there is an errata? Click here. You might also start a discussion in the Sweater Help KAL. Also, if you are a member of Ravelry, there are 12 projects over there. They might be able to help answer your question. If you are a Ravelry member, click here. If not, you might want to join Ravelry and take a look. It's free to join.


As soon as the download is available, I'll take a look.

I'm looking for pattern and instructions for the "wedding ring shawl"  Does anyone have one to share?  Can anyone tell me where to get one?  Appreciate it.
The Wedding Ring Shawl is available for purchase directly through Heirloom knitting and you can check it out here. They out in the UK and this particular pattern is only available as a hard copy, not for direct download. Other than that, I would also call you LYS and see if they carry any Heirloom Knitting patterns.
Thank you Jenny.  Appreciate it.


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