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smart! Thanks for the tips

Hi Larry,


If you take the 10 sts and divide by 4 inches, you will get 2.5 sts in each inch. Right now, you said you are getting 3 sts to the inch. Like Cheryl said, the smaller the needle the more stitches in each inch you will get. It seems like you are trying to get less stitches per inch (2.5 instead of 3) so you would need to try going up a needle size to do a swatch and see if that gets you to gauge.


Also, Cheryl also mentioned that the row gauge isn't generally too important and I agree. Most patterns say to knit for x amount of inches and not rows, so the amount of rows you end up doing isn't too much too worry about.


Thank you so much for your quick responses. I really appreciate it.
Help! I am knitting a baby afgan using Bernat Softee Baby. One of the squares was ironed and is now larger that the rest. Is there anyting I can do to shrink the yarn back to what is was or do I have to knit the square all over again.
Sandy, since it is 100% acrylic, I think you will have to do the square over. I don't think you can shrink acrylic. Since you mentioned "ironing" it, you might want to click here about "blocking" acrylic.

 I am not sure how to start a new topic in this Discussion section, so I apologize if I am in the wrong place but here goes:


   I am trying to work a pattern from the book I just got from Knit Picks...Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders...on page 237 It calls for-- slip next 8 stitches with your in back, dropping the extra wraps. You now have 8 elongated stitches on the right-hand needle. Slip the first 4 of these over the second 4 stitches but do not drop them from the needle. Return all 8 stitches to left-hand needle and knit them, keeping the crossed order......... How in the world do I do this??? I tried looking for a video of this on You-tube I can 'see' how this is done without success.....HELP....thanks

Since I don't have that Judith Durant book, and I cannot visualize what is being said, I can't really be of help. What kind of pattern is it? I am thinking if you look in one the knit alongs that is similar in nature, you might find someone with that book. It's not that you have placed your question in the wrong place, I was just trying to think of places where more people would see your question and then maybe someone will have the book.

You might try placing comments in the

UFO knit along

Since it uses sock yarn, you might try the

Sock KAL

If you don't think those are appropriate check out the other KALs here.

Dork question.........I want to carry my sock knitting with me everywhere.  I carry my purse of course, a large style bag.  But I worry about breaking my "0" Harmony Needles.  How do you carry your sock knitting with you?  Do you do something special to protect your needles?

Rita, if you go to this page at the Knit Picks store you will find cardboard tubes in which you can put your sock needles, with a project attached!, in order to protect them!

Enjoy your KIP (knitting in public)!

PS  That's not a dork question!  It's a VIQ (very important question).  Needles need to be protected!  =))

Rita, I agree with Nutty. There is no such thing as a dork question. The only bad question is the one that isn't asked. How else are we to find the answer?
Rita, I use these tubes even though I am using the magic loop method on my socks.  It works quite well at protecting the needles. 
Thanks Wendy! I never thought of using them with my magic loop needles.


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