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Is it possible to merge two pages into one? I have inadvertently ended up with two profile pages and would like to merge those two into one. I can't seem to figure out if it's possible, or how to do it. Thanks for your help.
Send a message to Alison. She can at least contact Ning to see if it is possible. Click here to get to Alison's page. If it won't let you send a message add her as a friend. Then leave a message here and I'll contact her to let her know your problem.
Thanks, Cheryl. I sent a message to Alison. I am so sorry for all the confusion. I didn't realize I had two pages until I tried to update my email address. I appreciate your help!
Alison is really good about trying to get things fixed. Is it possible you have 3 accounts? When I was looking into this, yesterday I saw you listed as "Lois Mitchell" and "GeorgiaKnitter". There is also "Georgia Knitter". But now when I try to search for any of those, I'm not finding you at all by searching the members. I can get to both "GeorgiaKnitter" and "Lois Mitchell" when I click on them through the SAL. Weird! Alison must be working on the problem.
have a gorgeous 100% linen sweater. Something has eaten a few holes too large to repair. Can I rip it and use the good yarn for another project? I certainly hate to throw it out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Yes, Nancy, you can. Look at the seams of the sweater.
1) If you see cut ends then the sweater was made by cutting the pieces out of machine knit fabric. You can rip this out, but you will have to tie the ends toether and therefore will have lots of knots in your resulting skein This may not be bad if you make items such as wash cloths or bathing mitts.
2) If you don't see cut ends in the seams, it's likely the sweater pieces were knit individually and then sewn together, just as a handknit one would be. In this case, except for where your hole is, where shaping occurrs and where yarns were added, you should have a continuous yarn and could possible knit another garnent.
In either case, you will want to skein the yarn, such as on a niddy noddy or yarn swift, and then wash it before you reuse it. This will help straighten the yarn so you will not have gauge problems when you make a project out of it.
I am looking for the best BO to pair with Channel Island CO... to date, I've always used Tubular BO but wonder if there is another?

What about the Estonian knitted bind off? It uses doubled yarn, and is very stretchy. Nancy Bush gives directions in Knitted Lace of Estonia.
For those of you, like me, who don't know either of these methods, check out this from my research:

Channel Island CO

Estonia Knitted BO
Thanks Cheryl - This is fantastic!

I appreciate you sharing your research.
I love to research, so it's more fun to research when it's something I have a passion about.
I hear you. Thanks so much for sharing!


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