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If you roll the hank into a center pull ball, (do you have a ball winder?) then you can use both ends at the same time.
Shelle, click here to see how to make a center pull ball. First is with a ball winder and then by hand.
Those were amazing pics!! Good Job!
I agree. A ball winder is on my wish list. Now the question is do I wait even longer to get one like yours, or just try something less expensive and see how it goes? hmmm... ... ...
It looks to me like Cheryl's is the one that makes 8oz balls. I'd wait for that one if I were you. We have the one that makes 4oz balls and they don't seem to stay very neat at the outside when you are winding to the max capacity.
Wendy, I've always been hard on things. When I made cloth dolls, I often had to remake parts because I over stuff and would tear the muslin. My shoes only look new for a few weeks .... . After I went through three or four plastic ball winders, and when the heavy duty ball winder first came out, I made the decision to buy one. But I was winding lots of balls at that time. I still wind a lot but not as many as then. It was the best decision I made.

BUT I've heard lots of people talk about how happy they are with the KP ball winder. And most people aren't as hard on things as I am.
Our ball winder, (Not the from KP but just like it!) has withstood lots of use/abuse!! #2S aka AfterBurner, even used it to launch toilet paper tubes when he was about 12 mos. Durable it is. I just don't like the untidiness of the balls when winding the full 4oz, or close to it.
I don't even have to ask where that nickname came from! My computer is shaking so hard I can hardly type!
Yep! Definitely one of those that leaps before he looks! (He's actually alot like his dad! Shhh!)
I'll definitely keep that one under my hat! Cowgirl does like cowboy hats, doesn't she?
That's a funny question!! Here's the story!
She was sooo into a cowboy hat for a couple of years. But then she realized that a friend of hers, who happens to be male and 15 also, and who wants/is making plans to own a ranch some day, only wears baseball caps. Suddenly her cowboy hat was too big for her! LOL LOL LOL
She better never see this post or I'm REALLY in for it!!
I love hats of all kinds!


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