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One of ours is open on Sundays. Another one is open on one Sunday a month. Since Donna is in New York, I would imagine there is a LYS open on Sunday.
I think that's the best bet! In Utah, not much is open on Sunday besides WalMart and the ski resorts.
That must be because the majority are at Temple or I guess I should say at their meetinghouse.
I think they call it church unless they're going to the big one in SLC. You're right. That's why DH likes to ski Sunday mornings during the winter.
His reasoning is quite sound.
Oh, I wish I was there! I just love a good challenge like that. :) A local knitting friend made a giant lace tablecloth with size 10 crochet cotton years ago. She didn't want to show it to me because she was embarrassed it has a hole in it. I just wanted to steal it and fix the hole! I didn't think anything else but that!
Has anyone ever made these?? The starting point has got me already-I'm stumped!! How on earth do you knit in the round without four DPNs and how on earth do you knit those 10 tiny little stitches in the round on 32" circular needles??????????????????? What is going on???? As you can see I am in serious need of help. Hope there is someone out there who can help me?!
Krystle: check out "Knitting in the Round - Magic Loop" on Youtube.
Smile! It will turn out to be easy. Hang in there.
Krystle, let us know if YouTube doesn't help. Click here for KP's tutorial. You might also want to check here for out Emily Ocker's cast on
That's actually a YouTube video, but unlike the ones accessed from here, I can view it on my iPad. I wonder if there's a link for the KP videos, so you can watch them on YouTube? If not, it would be a nice thing to add.
I think all the KP videos are linked to YouTube. I think it is YouTube they use for showing them here. I might be wrong though. Definitely won't be the first time. Because I think you can find those 2 in the tutorials here also. I'll have to go check.

Well, I found the ML video on page 3 of the KP videos, but I didn't find the Emily Ocker, but that shows Kelley's name rather than KP on YouTube.


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